en.Rellenado: July 2012

What are an ink cartridge’s injectors?

In principle, injectors are the valves or veins that inject ink all over the paper sheet, a process that is done after the print heads get warmed up.

A print heads has may injectors that can become clogged or worn out, eventually burning out and becoming useless.

The differences between dyed and pigmented inks

Dyed inks are, by nature, highly sensitive to the type and quality of the paper sheets you print on, since some kinds of paper are made to absorb more ink than others in their fibers and can soak up dyed inks. If the paper isn’t coated and has high fiber content, your prints may have some “spider-shaped” stains just like the ones shown in this picture: when you’re printing in color, what we call a primary diffusion occurs on the upper side of the paper sheet before the ink has had time to dry.

This will produce many different colors from the main three or five ones. If you’re printing with black ink, there should be no ink bleeding at all, as is shown in the next picture.