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What are an ink cartridge’s injectors?

In principle, injectors are the valves or veins that inject ink all over the paper sheet, a process that is done after the print heads get warmed up.

A print heads has may injectors that can become clogged or worn out, eventually burning out and becoming useless.

However, not all injectors burn out at the same time, since this is a progressive process which slowly decreases your printer’s print quality.

Most of the time, this wear shows up on paper sheets as white lines on whatever we’ve printed. The injectors don’t need to be burned out to stop working: they can also become clogged with ink residues, and unclogged when the headprint’s cleaned with special paint thinners.

Leaving the headprint clogged and full of ink will contribute to the injector overheating and burning out, since the ink itself can act as a lubricant and cooling gel for the injector.

This is exactly why we consider headprint cleaning and testing to be essential for optimum injection functioning. This information has been taken from todoinkjet.com


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