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Resetting the chips on Sharp AL-2021/AL-2031/AL-2041 copiers

Dear readers, this question has been all over the Internet recently, and I’ve also wanted to know the answer to it in the past. The Internet is also responsible for helping us techs out, who must solve many problems in our workshops.

As it turns out, Sharp has stopped standing out for us and is now focused on selling more and more printers. It seems they’re only interested in getting us to buy the latest product and throwing them out as soon as a new one comes along.
reset sharp toner chip
reset tóner chip for sharp
Sharp AI-1000 toners used to be used in Sharp AI-2040 printers, for example. These toners in particular are known for their resistance, and they yield  much more than any other toner, whether it’s a new or refilled one.Nowadays, this toner has been replaced by the sought-after AL-204TD, a very hard toner to use. If you have one at hand, you can make sure we’re talking about the same toner.

Noise and some other issues in HP Multifunction printers

These last HP Multifunction printer generations have been a bit more sensitive than the previous ones. There are many issues with them, and one of the most frequent one is the rattling noise caused by the cartridge carriage moving swiftly from one side to the other.

Most people choose to ignore these little warnings, so this minor problem can become a much more grave one.

With the passing of time, the printer will stop working completely: it won’t scan, copy or print, and it will pull paper leaves and leave them empty. That’s when we start asking ourselves what could have gone wrong.

The answer is very simple: in one or many different paper jams, you pulled too hard on the paper sheet without canceling the document, whether on your computer, your printer or by unplugging the entire device.

My Sharp copier prints blurry on top of the page

Sharp copiers are, as we’ve said in previous posts, one of the better ones in the market, and the best purchase you can make as a small-business owner.

This is a Multifunction printer-copier that works with long lasting toners. Almost all Sharp printer-copiers work with the same toner, of course, but we’re referring specifically to the Sharp AL-2040CS one. This is a high-yield device, the scanner is great and it’s also an excellent Multifunction printer-copier.

We recommend you visit Sharp’s official website to learn of any specifications on this same printer model, the one this entire post has been created for.

How to find out my printer’s model

This post is as necessary as any other one you can find in our blog, since not every person knows how to identify their printer’s model, which can be extremely necessary to know in certain cases, such as detecting the proper ink cartridges for your printer.

In some cases, you could be out in the street and realize you have forgotten to buy your own ink cartridges, so you have to send a friend to do it. This person doesn’t know you printer like you do and may lack the knowledge you possess, so it’s extremely important you know the specific printer model you’re using.

Note: You mustn’t confuse your printer’s model with the brand. Model: a specific type inside a brand; there aren’t any more versions of this particular printer inside the same brand. This fact will also help you identify any spare part or problem that may be happening on your printer. Brand: a more universal specification that involves several different articles. In this case, we’re talking about HP, Canon, Lexmark and others.

Now we will show you where you can find these exact specifications on the actual printer. Most domestic or business use printers, around 90% of them including copiers and other devices, carry the model with them on their front side. Some of them have it on the right side, some others on the left one.
model of hp printer
model of hp printer
It will all depend on your printer’s brand. For example, HP printers usually have the model drawn on the right side, while Sharp printers have their on the front-left side. This doesn’t mean the printer’s model can be found in the same place on all printers, but it’s an important factor to take into account.

How to setup a default printer

Not having a default printer set up can cause the following issues:

1. The printer won’t respond when you want to print a document. As you already know, printers need to start certain processes when printing, such as the headprints moving from one side to the other and making a bit of working noise. This won’t happen if you don’t have a default printer installed on your computer.

2. Documents could stay on a disconnected printer’s queue,and will only start printing after this same printer has been plugged back into the computer.

3. You may use paper up unnecessarily. If you’re working an in office and want to print a document using the printer there, but it hasn’t been installed as the default one, the computer may choose to print the document on some other printer. The computer will choose any printer that is currently installed as the default one, regardless of where it is.

Getting rid of paper jams in Canon printers

Canon printers are great devices which are used all over the world currently. Someone has stated they’re specially good for Continuous Ink Systems, but I happen to disagree with this. If you wish to, you can read all about this on our post called All you need to know about Continuous Ink Systems. However, people choose to use these printers more and more often, even when this generation, as well as the previous ones, have exactly the same issue.

This is not a problem per se, but more of a quality that tends to compromise their functioning. These printers are prone both to paper jams and to paper feeding issues.

Maintenance and restoring printer codes

For Lexmark printers:
LaserPrinter 10R/10 Plus, 12 and 16 Series, Optra R & L:
1.Turn the printer off.
2. Access Diagnostics Mode my pressing the READY and RETURN keys until the PERFORMING SELF TEST message appears on your printer’s screen.
3. Select the MAINTENANCE COUNT option.
4. Now select RESET until the counter goes back to zero (0).
5. Press the RETURN button once more to go back to the main Diagnostics Mode menu. Put the printer back to normal mode.

Optra S 2420/2450/2455/3455 printer models:
1. Turn the printer off.
2. Access Diagnostics Mode by pressing the GO and RETURN keys until the PERFORMING SELF TEST message appears on your printer’s screen. You should be able to see the PRINT REGISTRATION option.
3. Go to PRINTER SETUP and press the SELECT button.
4. Browse until you reach the MAINTENANCE PAGE COUNT option and press the SELECT key once more.

Solving the 5200 error message on Canon printers

This post deals with solving 5200 error code on Canon printers, which may appear after restoring your printer many times. This will be pretty easy.

Once this error message appears, you can try to restore your ink cartridges as many times as you want and get no results whatsoever. This is why we suggest a different sort of rebooting process, focusing on restoring the printer instead of the cartridges.

The steps to solving 5200 error code on Canon printers are the following:

  1. Disconnect your printer’s power cord without disconnecting the printer from the PC.
  2. Open the printer’s gate.
  3. Press the On/Off button for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cord back in the printer while still pressing the On/Off button.
  5. Use a pen to press the button that indicates the printer gate’s closed for about ten seconds. Do not let go of the On/Off key. 
  6. Release the On/Off button and close the printer’s gate.
  7. Once it’s been closed, turn the printer on.

How to delete documents in my printing queue

This post will help you get rid of pending documents that remain in your printer’s queue, which can become a very uncomfortable situation. We will have to waste paper sheets and time, maybe even ink, to fix this problem.

Sometimes, a document is coming out through the printing tray and we realize this is not the page or the document we wanted to print in the beginning, or that it’s simply not looking good and we need to cancel the entire file. Therefore, we head to the printer queue and cancel it, but the document stays there.

We choose to restart the computer and, once it’s back on, we see the document hasn’t left the queue. This can be so annoying we can start thinking printers are conspiring against us, even if we know this isn’t true.

The ink cartridge carriage is stuck

When our printers show this stuck carriage problem or we’re able to see they’re not moving properly from one side to the other, maybe even notice some sort of obstacle in the way, we recommend you follow this secure procedure.

First of all, you must turn the printer off and unplug the power cord, as well as any other cable that is attached to it at the moment.

You must now check the printer by opening the ink cartridge gate:

If you’re able to detect any foreign object that’s in the way of the carriage, remove it from the printer as delicately as possible. You can then turn the printer back on and check the cartridge carriages are moving freely, and that no error message appears on the printer’s screen.

If the problem persists, continue to open a new gate located in the back of your printer, as is shown in the picture.
open door
open door
This will help you see any paper sheet or part of it that’s compromising your printer’s proper functioning. Remove this piece of paper delicately to harming the printer, and put the lid back where you took it from.

Drivers for the Lexmark Z510 series printers

Here are the drivers you will need for your Lexmark Z510 printer, an old model that works with high-yield ink cartridges. We’ve recommended this link in a post we’ve published regarding the older models:

Why to avoid disposing of or replacing my old printer

This printer’s cartridges can give you high page yield and can be refilled relatively hassle free. However, they can become clogged very easily, so we recommend you use them constantly to guarantee the best yield and printing quality.

In case these drivers cause you any problems during the installation process, we recommend you read this other post, which provides a great solution for this sort of problem on this kind of printers.

How to refill HP 22 tricolor ink cartridges

This HP 22 Tricolor ink cartridge is one of the best products ever made by HP, due to its high yield and the material they’re made of. These cartridges have a higher resistance than most current ones; modern ink cartridges tend to be measured with the same criteria. You can read more about this on our post Why to avoid disposing of or replacing my old printer.

One of the most important factors to consider when naming a product one of the best ones of an entire brand, as we’re doing right now, is compatibility. This particular ink cartridge is compatible with countless printer models; the entire compatibility listing will appear further along this post.

You can also learn to refill the HP 21 Black ink cartridge, the one that accompanies this one. This one’s also a very high yield ink cartridge.

We also recommend you keep any printer that uses this ink cartridge until the very end. You can replace it once it’s incapable of printing again.

Cleaning Brother MFC head print

In order to maintain a good print quality, the machine will automatically clean the printhead as many times as necessary.

You can complete the cleaning process manually if there is a problem with the print quality, such as horizontal lines on the text, blank pages or discolored prints. You can clean the color Black on its own, three colors (Cyan/Yellow/Magenta) individually or all four colors at once.

Cleaning the head print consumes ink. Constant cleaning will use ink up unnecessarily.

How to reset normal // XLS #920 HP ink cartridges

“The following ink cartridge appears to be missing or damaged.”

This is the message that torments us when we refill #920 and #920XL cartridges.

Here is the solution:

So far, we do not know of any method that works 100% of the time on this type of cartridge when it comes to resetting them without changing the chip. As you already know, occasionally the chip alone often costs half as much as a new ink cartridge.

My printer pulls more than one paper sheet at a time

This may happen when printers are a bit old and their parts have been worn out due to daily use. This daily use, added to the passing of time, could possibly cause printing problems.

To this day, this problem keeps appearing, and the only radical and definite solution involves changing some of the printer’s parts. We, however, use an alternative that works all the time, and it consists of loading the printer up with many paper sheets.

When we talk about many sheets, we’re not talking about loading it up so it cannot work, but only to fill it up with the adequate amount so it doesn’t compromise or force its functioning.

I’m putting my refilled cartridges back in the printer and the On/Off button keeps blinking

This post deals with a frequent issue that appears when we refill cartridges, put them back in the printers and the On/Off button blinks.

This is a very common scenario and, regrettably, bad news. This happening means the printer has stopped recognizing the cartridges, and that only happens when the ink cartridge is damaged.

But the truth is that, if the On/Off button blinks, either the print cartridge contacts or the printer connectors are dirty.
ink conector hp printer
ink conector printer hp

Page yield, or how many pages you can print out of your ink cartridges

This is a very hot topic, talked about and searched for all over the media. It’s also very important that you can count on a tool similar than the one Hewlett-Packard has created for us, since it will help you identify how many pages you can print with your ink cartridges.

However, it can do much more than this. It can also help you know how much ink to refill your ink cartridges with, which is not an easy task to execute unless you have the original packaging. This little box is the only place where you can obtain this information and avoid clogging your ink heads. Also, adding more than the necessary volume can compromise proper functioning.

How to set your printer drivers up if the regular installation doesn’t work out for you

Installing a printer and receiving a missing file message can be very annoying. The installer is supposed to have all the files you need! While this is actually true, this problem tends to occur solely on discontinued printers that are being installed in Windows7, or when a more modern printer model is being set up in WindowsXP.

However, there’s a solution for everything and we are happy to provide it to you. So far, this one has worked the best and has made the installation process less troublesome. Of course, this will also fix your problem for you.
select windows version
select windows version operative
In this case, we recommend you download the drivers compatible with WindowsXP, even if you work with Windows7 on your computer. The WindowsXP drivers are more complete and will simplify things for you, while the Windows7 ones will remove certain add-ons you may or may not need. WindowsXP drivers will hold everything in and some other stuff as well.

How to install a page counter on my printer

This post will teach you how to install a page counter program on your computer and keep track of all printing jobs.

This is a great program when it comes to counting the exact amount of pages our printer is, in fact, printing. Keeping this record will allow us to analyze our ink cartridges’ yield and payup.

There are documents in queue but nothing’s being printed

This post will deal with this problem, which tends to appear on relatively new printers. It’s a matter of connection and can be easily solved. However, it comes with a price: if your printer shows this linking issue, you must only change the USB cable.
usb cable printer
printer usb cable
This is the cable you will need to replace.

Solving the E7 error, subcode E7-11, on Sharp AL-2030 copiers

This post will teach you all to need to know about eradicating the E7-11 error message on Sharp AL-2030 copiers in four easy steps.

Even when this is the best copier out there at the moment, it can also have its own problems. The way you use a device can compromise its functioning and payoff; in this case, not using this article and leaving it saved somewhere for a long while can have the same effect on the copier.

We looked this error up in the Sharp Trouble Error & Codes manual, where we found a solution for this same issue. It’s very important you identify the error subcode on your Sharp copier since, as you can see, there are multiple errors inside the E7 error message column. While these depend on it, each code is related to one function, one problem and one solution for it.

Solving the P02 error message in Canon MP250 printers

This problem tends to show up in our printers very frequently when we’ve stopped using it for a while, or even when we use it very little and keep it saved and stored for most of the time, jamming the cartridge rail. You can also read up on Canon codes and errors i this post; we recommend you use the Ctrl+F shortcut to search the entire entry.

Error message P-02 specifically means an error has occured transporting the cartridge carriage, which may be caused by any foreign object found in said rail: pieces of wrinkled paper, paper clips, plastic residues of some broken gear, among others.

Restore your Hp Deskjet F4480 printer with HP 60 ink cartridges

Learn how to restore your HP Deskjet F4480 printer by following our quick three-step tutorial.

This post will deal with restoring the HP Deskjet F4480 printer, which stopped recognizing the ink cartridges from the moment they were refilled. Also, both the On/Off and the ink cartridge indicators have been blinking for a while. This process will take a bit of patience and a few blank sheets in the paper tray.

You may also be interested in learning how to align your HP 60 ink cartridges inside the printer. Click on the previous link to perform this alignment, which is completely up to you.

Now the actual restoring process for the HP Deskjet F44480 printer can start.

Step 1.

Turn the printer and wait for it to be fully functional: it must finish cleaning the ink cartridges and setting them in place. The LED indicators will, of course, continue to blink.

Step 2.

Press the On/Off down and, without letting it go, press the Cancel button, which can be found a little bit down the road from the first one: a red button with a cross drawn on it.

You must keep going for about 30 seconds, since we’re restoring the printer back to its original factory settings. This will occur after this entire process is finished.

How to reset your Canon Pixma MP280 printer

Canon Pixma MP280 printers can be very cheap, and they have become quite famous nowadays due to the easy installation of Continuous Ink Systems on them, and their high print quality. Overall functioning is another important factor, since this model copies, scans and prints. These are everyday functions that are performed in offices and homes on a daily basis.

Keep in mind this printer was made for domestic use, so please don’t much too much strain on it.

As you can tell, this is an ink and toner cartridge refill blog, so we already know you can successfully refill both Canon CL-211 Colored and CL-210 Black Ink cartridges.

How to refill Canon 210 and 210XL ink cartridges

This post will teach you how to refill your own Canon 210 and 210XL ink cartridges and make them last even longer.

It’s a known fact that these ink cartridges have lasted the longest in Canon printers, and have also been chosen by two printer generations: the PIXMA and MP series. In all honesty, they are great ink cartridges with high print quality, which I believe has a lot to do with the fact that they’re manufactured in Japan.

Japan’s a country we’ve all come to know for their product quality, a factor that could be related to the very elevated prices these ink cartridges run for. This has led many people to consider refilling their Canon 210 and 210XL ink cartridges.

Further down below, you will find every instruction you must follow in order to refill these ink cartridges, and several suggestions just in case any inconvenience should arise after the refill process has been completed.

Instructions to refill Canon 210 and 210XL Black ink cartridges:

1. The most important thing you must do before refilling an ink cartridge is placing it on a surface that can take an ink spill.

However, due to their high manufacturing quality,  these ink cartridges don’t seem capable of causing an ink spill: the ink cannot escape the cartridge even if it has been overfilled. We do recommend you place it on a napkin or piece of cloth, preferably a black one.

What is the best HP Multifunction printer of 2012

What could be the best HP Multifunction printer of 2012? Read this post to find out our choice and the reasons behind it.

Dear readers, here you will find the answer to your question., one that I see is posted on this blog every single day. We’re all obviously very interested in knowing what the best printer is to fulfill our daily needs. This device shouldn’t get damaged right away and help us save money in ink cartridges or toner, whichever our case may be. As we’ve said in previous posts, what really matters is the ink cartridges, not the printer itself.

Most printers are basically the same device and work almost the same as one another. If, for example, you try to judge them based on page yield, you will see the HP Deskjet 100 printers is one of the worst ones in the market. However, you install the HP 122 Black or Tricolor ink cartridges on this same printer model and change the inner sponge so they can hold up to 10ml of ink, the printer itself will become a hit.

This ink cartridge will amp up this printer’s page yield and it to the top of the list, meaning the ink cartridge is much more important than the actual device when it comes to making a good one. The actual print quality and page yield depend on them.

However, since we’re currently looking for the best multifunctional printer of 2012, we must know it will need to have good ink cartridges. Therefore, I present you the ink cartridges that fulfill these expectations:
  • Best Epson Inkjet printer of 2013
  • Best HP Laserjet printer of 2013
HP 920XL Black / Magenta / Yellow / Cyan ink cartridges.

How to reset toner on Brother MFC 7820N printers

This post will teach you how to restore your Brother MFC 7820N printers with an easy, three-step tutorial you can follow anywhere.

This time, we’ll be dealing with restoring a Brother MFC 7820N printer/copier. The printer we’re talking about is shown in the picture ahead, just in case this is exactly the same one you’re having problems with.

Solution to the problem:

Toner end of life
7820N end life
end life toner
When we refill our printer’s toner, we save a ton of money in comparison to the amount we’d spend buying a brand new one. However, this doesn’t work all the time, since not all companies use the same system for their toners.

How to install continuous ink system to Canon PIXMA iP2702

The PIXMA IP2702 is the best in the market thanks to its high quality printing and affordable price. Also, this printer uses FINE 210 and 211 japanese made ink cartridges which are able to retain more ink and it makes the perfect printer to print with continuos ink system.
Thanks to the incorporation of continuos ink system in most printer's structures, the consumer can print more pages and waste less ink. Therefore, saving more money in the long run and helping the consumer to avoid buying a brand new ink cartridge.

How to refill Canon 211 and 211XL cartridges

These are very good ink cartridges especially for their performance and easy functionality. These cartridges are the most used for printers with continuos ink system which have become famous for their easy installations in Canon printers. Therefore, making these cartridges very attractive for Canon printers ' owners. These cartridges are the best of the best due to their high quality and well built structure. But, they are also expensive which force most of Canon's printer users to refill these cartridges to save money in the long run.

Instructions on how to refill Canon 211 and 211XL Cartridges:  

  1. Place the cartridge on a black piece of cloth or a napkin in case the cartridge drains ink.
  2. Next, remove the label from the cartridge surface to reveal three holes. Drill one of the holes big enough to insert the syringe fill with ink (first image). 
  3. You will see three holes on the cartridge. Inject 5ml of ink in each hole. Make sure to inject the ink in the corresponding order otherwise, the cartridge could get damage (second image). 
  4. Refill the cartridge SLOWLY to avoid any spill ink. Place the label back on the cartridge to seal the holes. We recommend to return the cartridge to the printer and leave it for about 8 hours to allow the ink to saturate the sponges. 
Canon 211XL cartridge
Ink insertion point

Corresponding color point of entry
Corresponding color holes

Related articles:

  • How to refill Canon 210 and 210 XL
  • How to refill Canon 210 and 211

How to remove ink from my hands

It is often embarrassing to leave the office or workshop with our hands stained with printer's ink as if we came out of working in a car shop. Rejoice, we are happy and please to share with you the secrets of removing stains caused by printer's ink which tends to stay on our person for days. 

How to clean ink cartridges

One of the main reasons we chose to refill our ink cartridges is for the high cost of these ink cartridges. It is hard to understand why would an ink cartridge cost so much when is so cheap to manufacture. But, it doesn't matter, things are the way they are today and is up to us as consumers to max out our ink cartridges by refilling them as many times as possible and by taking good care them. 
To ensure the maximum durability of an ink cartridge, the cartridge must be in optimal conditions by cleaning it well, knowing when to refill it, and when to apply the right amount of ink among other key factors. 
Through this post we will learn step by step, the most effective way to clean an ink cartridge so it can increase its performance and longevity saving us money on ink and helping us to keep our printer a while longer. 
To start off, we will need some ingredients that can be found in our household. Please, bare in mind, this post is not about how to open an ink cartridge, but how to clean it. The steps shown in this post can be applied when the ink cartridge is fill with ink's residue or when the light on the printer is flickering; indicating that the connectors need to be clean soon; and finally, when the printer is printing blurry.
We'll need:
  • Warm water
  • A piece of smooth cloth or napkin
  • Small cotton swab (not necessarily mandatory)
  • Print head connectors
    Printer's connectors

Instructions on how to clean an ink cartridge:

Step 1.
Before anything, we must identify what type of ink cartridge we are dealing with so we may know if they have print heads or not. Some cartridges have the print heads inside the cartridge itself, others have the print heads separate from the cartridges. Just in case you are not sure where exactly your cartridge's print head is, consult your owner's printer manual or the printer's manufacturer support web page. Therefore, to help you find out where your cartridge's print head is and which part needs to be clean.

Step 2.
Before we begin, it is recommended that we perform a print head cleaning that comes with the printer by default. The instructions related to this procedure can be found in the printer's owner manual or on the web. Moreover, you can find more information on the front side of most printers.
After confirming that the print head has been cleaned using the default tool, but you still do not see any changes in printing quality; we recommend to turn off the printer. Once the printer is off, open the printer's cover to access the cartridge. When the cartridge holder stops in the middle of rail, proceed to remove the cartridge from the cartridge's holder so you may be able to clean the connectors on the cartridge's holder.

Step 3.
Now we will clean the cartridges or the the print heads by submerging them into warm water. Remember, the water must be warm; but not too hot to avoid damaging the print head's plastic attachment. It has been proven that using warm water to clean off any ink residue from the ink cartridge is the best method so far, please be careful not to heat the water too much. 

Step 4.
Our next step is to remove the cartridges from the warm water and clean the print head with a soft piece of cloth or a very smooth napkin which can be dispose off after each use. Please bare in mind that if the cartridge has some left over ink, it may damage any part we may need in the near future. We need to clean the both the cartridges and print heads' connectors carefully in case they are dirty so everything may work well.
If the print head is inside the printer, we may remove the print heads to have them cleaned, but making sure that he print heads ' connectors are not dirty; if they are, clean them. Be very careful not to touch the print head's connectors with your fingertips when you are cleaning them because any foreign particle that comes in contact with the connectors could make printing impossible.

Step 5.
Finally, make sure the cartridges are clean so we can print several test pages to compare the printing quality after the cleaning process the cartridges and print heads went through. The test can be done from either the printer's control panel or from the desktop.
If you can't clean your cartridges or your cartridges print heads, please leave us a comment on our comment area and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for your visit and we hope to see again.  

Driver for Canon PIXMA MP280 printer

In the following post, you’ll be able to find the Drivers for the PIXMA MP280 Canon printer. All you need to do is click the link that we’ll provide for you and download said driver.

You can find how to install this printer’s driver in this post we’ve created for our readers.

Given the case that you aren’t able to install the drivers in the regular way, we recommend you read the post we’ve created, which is much more effective for installing the drivers: uncompressing the files and the drivers’ actualization process. The post can be found in the following link:

You can also click on this link in order to download and install said drivers:

All about Continuous Ink Systems

In this post, we will try to answer all the questions from our readers about Continuous Ink Systems (CIS). Even when Continuous Ink Systems seem to be the best option for saving when it comes to printers, this doesn’t apply for users who buy printers such as the Canon MP250, which works with a Continuous Ink System, as you can see in this video.

Continuous Ink Systems promise to be the best, but this isn’t so in many cases, specifically when it comes to Canon printers. This happens with every Canon printer series that are being used and installed currently.
printer canon pixma mp250 in the continuos ink sistem
printer mp250

Printer driver Dell™ laser printer 1110

Even though most of this publication is more for  informing readers on how to install a printer driver, this works for any type of installation.

NOTE: For all operating systems except Microsoft ® Windows ® XP, you can download the viewer of the User Guide, which provides an interface for viewing HTML documents installed on your hard drive . For Windows XP, all documents installed on your hard drive can be viewed through the Help Center and Support.

How to disarm toner HP 05A (CE505A)

Here is the toner , it is a good toner since it renders approximately 2,000 pages after completed , this toner has some factors that are a little tough at the time of filling so it is not recommended to refill it if you do not have the necessary tools and knowledge.

But actually the most difficult part is removing the 05a Hp pins from the toners which is shown in this post and created for people looking for solutions to problems with your cartridges, toners or printers.

How to refill the HP 21 black ink cartridge

I believe the ink cartridge hp 21 black is the most widely sold cartridge in America, this ink cartridge is one of the cartridges that has lasted the longest in hp printers, and the performance of this cartridge is excellent, it has about 5 ml of ink which allows for the printing of about 120 pages, after refilling the cartridges, the production is always reduced by 20% , this is normal , we know that it’s not the same , unless we put more ink than usual in our cartridge, but this would present a problem for the cartridge because this could cause the termination of its lifespan and then we would not be able to fill it again.

We always recommend knowing how much ink to refill your cartridges with, it does not matter which cartridges they are, they always have a limit for checking ink and this limit cannot be surpassed. We recommend reading how to know how much ink to refill your cartridge with, this way we avoid making mistakes and damaging our cartridges.

Instructions on how to refill the hp 21 black ink cartridge

Before starting, we recommend cleaning the print connectors for this type of cartridge, it is necessary but not mandatory to do this since these cartridges perform well, but mainly if you have not used them for a long time it’s possible that they have dry ink in the heads which is not good, we recommend reading how to run a print head cleaning cycle for my cartridge.

After completing the cleaning cycle, remember that it’s not mandatory, but just in case you do want to do it, it is recommended after three refills. Let’s proceed to the refill procedure.

Step 1.
Place the cartridge in a place where ink spills are allowed, a white material is not recommended as ink cannot be removed from it, instead we would recommend a black material, even a flat surface where ink can be removed with ease would work.

Step 2.
We now proceed to removing the label that has the cartridge number on top, we always recommend removing the label from the cartridge before refilling it, this allows the required amount of air to enter so that the printing is of the highest quality and optimal performance due to this cartridge. Slowly remove the label to avoid damaging it.
Cartridge orifice
Point of entry
Step 3
Now we slowly refill with 5ml of ink, please do it very SLOWLY , you need to do it in this way so that the ink inside the cartridge may spread in the best way and fill the whole sponge.

Step 4
Now that we have filled the ink cartridge, all we have to do is print a test page with this cartridge, we recommend leaving the cartridge in the printer.

Even if you have followed this procedure, it is possible that it will not print out very well, if so, you are asked to please contact us through a comment on this post and we will help you immediately.

Solving the error for P08 Canon® printers

This error is very common in Canon printers and if you are seeing this type of error we recommend making sure you know the amount of ink that the cartridge has as it can be damaging if the ink is not refilled at the right time.

This is the code that indicates that the printer or the cartridges are becoming over heated, as we know the ink’s two most important functions are to print and the other to cool the temperature of the heads which are heated in order to make the glycerin disperse which is what makes it produce so much ink.

The solution to this problem is to refill the cartridges and take advantage to clean the connectors of both the printer and the cartridge before putting them back together.

How to solve the problem of flickering light in the Epson LX- 300+ II

This problem usually happens during the printing of bills and outlets, when the lights blink for a paper jam and it appears that the light is very dim i.e. lacking electricity, once this happened to a printer and it was solved when they found out that the Board of this printer was completely filled with water and had sulfurized.
Epson POS printer
POS printer
This is the point of sale printer Epson LX- 300 + II, when finding the solution to this problem we realized that it was an electronic problem, and when we uncovered and unarmed everything that has to do with the electrical factors we found this surprise:

Why not to change or throw out my old HP® printer

Whatever you do, don’t even try to throw out a Hewlett-Packard  printer from the generation 2007 and before, these are the best printers that there may be because their cartridges have a high capacity, such as the 21,22,28,27, among other cartridges are those that ensure the highest quality prints and a reaction at the time of filling.

If one day one of these printers were to damage the cartridge, damage the power supply or any part you must find a way to fix it.

Old HP printer
printer old type HP
These printers are worth their weight in gold due to the reasons mentioned above.

How to reset the 122 HP® cartridges

I hope to solve your problem without giving you the solution "But it is the reality"

Unfortunately this case cannot be solved because these cartridges are not very strong, it is an ongoing problem which occurs when this cartridge is refilled.
ink cartridge hp 122 tricolor and black
ink cartridge hp black and tricolor

We always recommend refilling these cartridges using the following procedure.

  • How to refill ink hp 122 black cartridges
  • How to refill hp 122 tricolor ink cartridges  

So much so that the creators of these cartridges Hewlett-Packard have discontinued the cartridge 122 without completing the continuation of their printers.

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How to know when my Canon® cartridges are blocked

► If you try to print something and the printer acts as if it’s printing, but it’s really not.
► If when the page should print, it prints out a blank page.
► If the cartridges only prints a part of the letter and in the middle there is a blank line.
► If the pages come out blurry.
► If your cartridge only leaves a drop of ink on the sheet and nothing else.
► If only the first part of the page prints out but rest doesn’t.

All these factors indicate that your cartridges are blocked, be aware that this can cause serious problems in the circuit of the cartridges, so it is advisable to take action to fix this problem immediately.

Luckily in our blog that you are reading, we now have a way to solve this problem simply go to this link publish solves the problem.

Please follow the instructions closely for a good result

What are the best multifunction printers

Brother printers are spearheading this list, as they are very compact and very affordable and their supplies are very economic. We're talking about the J265W MCF series.

You also have to talk about the good use you can give this printer with systems of continuous ink as their cartridges are not sponges and they can be made into an excellent adaptation without the need for hoses and other items that may distort the functioning of the continuous ink systems.

HP Deskjet 1000 printer says that the cartridge is jammed

  1. Disconnect and install the printer again.
  2. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button for about 10 seconds and turn it on again.
  3. Disconnect all of the printer from any USB’s and the electricity and connect it again.
There is another option which provides service and the HP page for your users to click on for more info to see the official release of the product.

How to know which cartridges my HP® printer use

Dear Readers searching on the HP® website. I have found the information you never thought there’d be, it is a small tool to identify what kinds of cartridges your printer uses, this may not save much money when buying cartridges, but I have had clients who come to our store without knowing what kind of cartridges their printer uses.

Purchase any cartridge for your printer and here comes the problem, when you buy cartridges that are not compatible it is a bit difficult to deal with the reality that you spent money for a cartridge that does not work for your printer.

How to fix Error C610 in Kyocera 1510

Do you have a problem with the heat unit?

Follow these steps:
  1. Press Stop and Print buttons at the same time.
  2. Next, press LIGHTER.
  3. Press STOP again.
  4. Once you enter in SERVICE MODE.
  5. Press 163.

How to refill the cartridges for Canon MP280 printers

The only thing that is recommended is to remove the label from the top of the cartridge, take notice of the holes that these cartridges have.

Make the holes with the same iringuilla to make the exit and entry easy for the tip of the needle into the cartridge. Note! You cannot make the holes any bigger than they as the ink drip’s gravity will not be the same and the cartridges will be damaged.

What comes next is to put the ink in which has to be a small quantity. We recommend doing it in a place where there is something below where the extra ink from the cartridge can fall. It is not recommended to put in more than 5 ML in the black cartridges and less than 3 ML in tricolor cartridges.

How to install the printer driver for Canon iP2700?

With these means, we will see how to install the driver for the Canon iP2700 printers, they are simple drivers but it becomes difficult to get the drivers on the website due to the complexity of the interaction with the customers.

We just have to click on the link that will show you then how to download the file to open in a pop-up window and then you will click Run.

As unclog injectors cartridge in my house

This is a very simple process and at the same time very, very useful as this problem can happen when a cartridge is refilled very frequently.

The steps are very simple and there’s no need to procrastinate because what the cartridges do when blocked is that they absorb the ink at the bottom of the outlet pipes, remember that so much water leaks into the stone until it is damaged.

After so many refills of our cartridges, they accumulate a considerable amount of ink which is not used because it stays in the sponge, we are of course now talking about Hp, Canon, and Lexmark Cartridges, "They are the ones that come with sponges" as they kept saying these ink cartridges accumulate ink that must be disposed of, because when this happens what we do next is simple.

How to identify the colors of an ink cartridge for refilling

This is a very common question when filling a cartridge, it is important to know that the information that the cartridges have on the label in relation to where the color are is not indicative of the actual colors.

At the top of the cartridges there are colors that may indicate where that particular color ink is, but not always. An effective way to find out where the cartridge’s colors are is very simple and you do not have to damage the cartridge at all.

How to reset a Canon iP2700 printer

Greetings dear readers with this post we will now see how to reset the cartridges iP2700 printer, such printer:

This process is simple because these are inkjet printers, of course! Very good printers! As they print perfect quality images, the cartridges are of low heat and the pictures are better reflected on the pages.

It could happen that when you refill, a screen shows up on your computer saying that the ink cartridge is empty, of course this is actually true according to a page counter that is installed on your computer when you install the software from the original cd from the printer’s box.

How to reset the copier toner for the Brother MFC-7840W

Very dear readers, now let’s learn how to reset the error introduced in the toner in this copier’s model, the message that usually appears when the toner is refilled is that the lifespan has expired in other words that this toner since it has to be changed in English "Toner Life End" is simple to solve this problem:

Here are the steps:

  1. Lift the lid and the front cover and leave it open
  2. Press Clear/Back in English Clear / Back Replace drum appears "Replace Drum?" appears on the screen.

When I refill with the 85a toner it prints very clearly

These are the toners for  LaserJet Professional P1102W Printers

Speaking of the best case for these printers, see the specifications by clicking here.

Of the modern printers, these ones have the best durability and a higher strength when printing in high quantities, this printer has a wireless connection, for which if you have a problem with this type of connection you can find a solution on the support area of our site official.