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All about Continuous Ink Systems

In this post, we will try to answer all the questions from our readers about Continuous Ink Systems (CIS). Even when Continuous Ink Systems seem to be the best option for saving when it comes to printers, this doesn’t apply for users who buy printers such as the Canon MP250, which works with a Continuous Ink System, as you can see in this video.

Continuous Ink Systems promise to be the best, but this isn’t so in many cases, specifically when it comes to Canon printers. This happens with every Canon printer series that are being used and installed currently.
printer canon pixma mp250 in the continuos ink sistem
printer mp250

Why these Continuous Ink Systems don’t work on a Canon printer:

As we all know, Canon printer ink cartridges have sponges inside them. Hype has surrounded Continuous Ink Systems since the beginning: anyone could fill the cartridges up by themselves so the ink never ends. However, in the case of cartridges with inner sponges, such as Canon ones, they cannot be refilled without getting damaged. Any person who tries to refill them at home, at the office or, like us, at our job posts, will learn that Canon ink cartridges are not refill-friendly.

If the cartridges are refilled anyway, whether by a simple refill or a Continuous Ink System, an ink residue will begin to form on the cartridge’s inner sponge. As days go by, it will continue to accumulate ink and it will become sticky.


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