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How to install a page counter on my printer

This post will teach you how to install a page counter program on your computer and keep track of all printing jobs.

This is a great program when it comes to counting the exact amount of pages our printer is, in fact, printing. Keeping this record will allow us to analyze our ink cartridges’ yield and payup.

Quite frankly, knowing how many pages are coming out of our printer is the best thing that could happen to us, especially if we own businesses in which we need to need to know the exact quantity of pages being printed in it.

This program is extremely easy to install and use, since the information can be stored in a single document of your choosing, even in a hidden folder that can only be located and accessed by the administrator. The program is also free and works really well.

Click here to download the program
papercut print logger
papercut print logger
You must only click on the lick and it will redirect you to the program’s official website, where you will need to choose your Operating System before proceeding with the installation and usage of the actual product.


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