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How to find out my printer’s model

This post is as necessary as any other one you can find in our blog, since not every person knows how to identify their printer’s model, which can be extremely necessary to know in certain cases, such as detecting the proper ink cartridges for your printer.

In some cases, you could be out in the street and realize you have forgotten to buy your own ink cartridges, so you have to send a friend to do it. This person doesn’t know you printer like you do and may lack the knowledge you possess, so it’s extremely important you know the specific printer model you’re using.

Note: You mustn’t confuse your printer’s model with the brand. Model: a specific type inside a brand; there aren’t any more versions of this particular printer inside the same brand. This fact will also help you identify any spare part or problem that may be happening on your printer. Brand: a more universal specification that involves several different articles. In this case, we’re talking about HP, Canon, Lexmark and others.

Now we will show you where you can find these exact specifications on the actual printer. Most domestic or business use printers, around 90% of them including copiers and other devices, carry the model with them on their front side. Some of them have it on the right side, some others on the left one.
model of hp printer
model of hp printer
It will all depend on your printer’s brand. For example, HP printers usually have the model drawn on the right side, while Sharp printers have their on the front-left side. This doesn’t mean the printer’s model can be found in the same place on all printers, but it’s an important factor to take into account.

The model is simply a series of numbers or letters, which is usually depicted in large characters and fonts. The font, however, could be more related to the one inscribed in the printer’s carcass, as is shown in the next picture.
how know what is the model of printer see the picture
how know what is the model of printer
This picture shows us where the printer model can be found on the frontal side. However, this is not the only way of finding this out: in the lower part of the printer, there are usually some serial codes that will also allow us to learn the printer’s model. To find out how useful this serial code actually is, you must only Google it to obtain the following results.

The next link will redirect you to the Google results that come up after you put the serial number in the search engine.

Both in the upper and lower part of any printer, you’ll be able to find out its model. We’ve already explained the difference between printer brands and models to avoid future confusions, and we sincerely hope this post will help you solve any inconvenience that may show up. If you need more information on the subject, don’t hesitate on contacting us on our Google group.

This information doesn’t belong to the printer’s manufacturer; we only mentioned certain brands to help illustrate you on this topic. These are only the solutions we apply in our own workshop, so if you know of any other we’d be very grateful to hear about it.


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