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How to know which cartridges my HP® printer use

Dear Readers searching on the HP® website. I have found the information you never thought there’d be, it is a small tool to identify what kinds of cartridges your printer uses, this may not save much money when buying cartridges, but I have had clients who come to our store without knowing what kind of cartridges their printer uses.

Purchase any cartridge for your printer and here comes the problem, when you buy cartridges that are not compatible it is a bit difficult to deal with the reality that you spent money for a cartridge that does not work for your printer.
Type and brand of ink cartridge
Ink cartridge identification software
To identify which cartridge your printer uses, you need to know your printer model.
You just have to click on the link that will take you to the address where you can see the compatibility for your HP printer cartridges.

HP page to find your cartridges model

If in your case you use another printer that is either Canon, Lexmark, Brother, or other brands I recommend this page is very good and works perfectly.


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