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How to disarm toner HP 05A (CE505A)

Here is the toner , it is a good toner since it renders approximately 2,000 pages after completed , this toner has some factors that are a little tough at the time of filling so it is not recommended to refill it if you do not have the necessary tools and knowledge.

But actually the most difficult part is removing the 05a Hp pins from the toners which is shown in this post and created for people looking for solutions to problems with your cartridges, toners or printers.

HP 05a toner cartridge refill at home
HP 05a in box

The most professional manner

What is known so far is what is shown in these pictures since it has been implemented and has given good results when customer come to your home and must print with your printer, which likewise is very good, as I was saying just take your cartridges to the table and have the tools to perform these processes , there is also a video is in Portuguese but it is easy to understand a supplier of toners that indicates how to make the work easier.

"The process of removing toner pins must be done as shown in these photographs and video"
should put a hole as shown in the picture
step No. 1
best view of the penetration
step No. 2

There are other ways to complete this process which could be very difficult for the toner because as seen in the following images it destroys key parts of the operation of this equipment.
toner cartridge open
toner cartridge open


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