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How to refill the cartridges for Canon MP280 printers

The only thing that is recommended is to remove the label from the top of the cartridge, take notice of the holes that these cartridges have.

Make the holes with the same iringuilla to make the exit and entry easy for the tip of the needle into the cartridge. Note! You cannot make the holes any bigger than they as the ink drip’s gravity will not be the same and the cartridges will be damaged.

What comes next is to put the ink in which has to be a small quantity. We recommend doing it in a place where there is something below where the extra ink from the cartridge can fall. It is not recommended to put in more than 5 ML in the black cartridges and less than 3 ML in tricolor cartridges.

Having completed this process, you will next have to put in the cartridges and print, if the printer does not recognize the cartridge, proceed to reset the 211 Canon and 210 Canon cartridge, it is a very easy process you just have to click the link I’ve left below about resetting Canon cartridges.

Otherwise if they are damaged there’s no other option but to buy new affordable cartridges. If you are in the Dominican Republic I have left the link below for affordable cartridges.

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