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How to remove ink from my hands

It is often embarrassing to leave the office or workshop with our hands stained with printer's ink as if we came out of working in a car shop. Rejoice, we are happy and please to share with you the secrets of removing stains caused by printer's ink which tends to stay on our person for days. 

First, I would advise to use latex gloves (check image bellow) to avoid stain our hands with printer's ink since it will be very difficult to remove the stain after handling printer's ink.

Using latex gloves will help us avoid staining our hand. However, if you have the misfortune of staining your hands with printer's ink, we have a simple and effective solution for your ordeal. 
Easy ways to remove ink stains from our hands
Latex gloves
Latex glove to avoid ink stain in our hands 


Printer's ink are normally made of 80% water, 13% of quick dry material and 7% of non-dry material which overall is what we use to refill our ink cartridges. However, when we stained our hands with printer's ink, it is recommended to wash the stained hands immediately with water.

Avoid using a piece of cloth or a paper towel to remove the ink from the stained area of the skin. The possibility exits that the more we wash our hands, the more likely due to air exposure, the compound that drys quickly could be difficult to remove from the skin . If the ink drys up completely use either pool clorox or water treatment clorox.

Please be careful when you are handling clorox because a single drop could damage your eyes. Also, after applying clorox to your hands, wash them with soap and water to remove the clorox thoroughly to avoid skin irritation. 


Do not expose your skin completely without having soap and plenty of water near by. Also, try not use more than 5% of clorox than water on your clothes; if you do, you risk damaging your clothes. Finally, try not to mix clorox with another chemical otherwise it's fumes could be harmful to your body.

Another chemical that works well with these type of accidents is Lavandina or known by it's scientific name HYPOCLORITE SODIUM. This detergent in known through out Latin America and Spain as LEGIA and quite frankly it is a little hard to recommend this type of solution due to its potential harmful effects.   

"Our recommendations are based on personal experience, before you try to test this process to remove the ink from your hands; we recommend to check with your doctor first because these methods could cause side effects."


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