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How to reset a Canon iP2700 printer

Greetings dear readers with this post we will now see how to reset the cartridges iP2700 printer, such printer:

This process is simple because these are inkjet printers, of course! Very good printers! As they print perfect quality images, the cartridges are of low heat and the pictures are better reflected on the pages.

It could happen that when you refill, a screen shows up on your computer saying that the ink cartridge is empty, of course this is actually true according to a page counter that is installed on your computer when you install the software from the original cd from the printer’s box.
This usually happens when we refill the cartridges for Canon so we can know how to refill the Canon 210 and 211 tricolor ink cartridges.

A short review of what the page counter is, for example as we know all cartridges in packaging say about how many pages of use they render, and when the printer detects a new cartridge and begins counting and deprograms to know how many pages have been printed with this cartridge, the count will appear, and if that quantity of pages is finished it will say that the system simply cannot print anymore.

So then comes the process that we will now explain which preferably would be used for system errors of the printer which is very little the part of the card but this option would be for that, the fact is that if we can use it to save, why not. What we have to do is what the tutorial says to solve the following problem:
canon printer
canon printer ip2700

To fix it what you need to do is simple, hold the  STOP / RESET down ( it has a red triangle in a circle) on the printer for 10 seconds , and with that ink level is cleared and you can print all you want.
canon printer button reset

This tutorial is simple, if it’s possible you can even approach the printer after 10 seconds to hear a small noise which indicates that the reset process is started.

How to reset printer program

Download the software using this link:
  1. The printer must be connected and turned on (Beforehand you must reset manually ).
  2. Select the USB port ( USB PORT) where the printer is connected.
  4. Click the button TEST PATTERN 1.
  5. Click on MAIN ( Clear wate ink counter ). From there you just have to wait a minute or two and you will be ready.
Turn off the printer and disconnect the USB cable, to close the General tool. In "Printers and Faxes”, set the printer to "copy 1" as default. In case none of the above ways work correctly, we recommend cleaning the cartridges please visit our post on how to clean my cartridges.



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