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How to reset your Canon Pixma MP280 printer

Canon Pixma MP280 printers can be very cheap, and they have become quite famous nowadays due to the easy installation of Continuous Ink Systems on them, and their high print quality. Overall functioning is another important factor, since this model copies, scans and prints. These are everyday functions that are performed in offices and homes on a daily basis.

Keep in mind this printer was made for domestic use, so please don’t much too much strain on it.

As you can tell, this is an ink and toner cartridge refill blog, so we already know you can successfully refill both Canon CL-211 Colored and CL-210 Black Ink cartridges.
These ink cartridges are very easy to refill once you’ve identified where to add the ink, but can have some problems doing it with the page counter software installed along with your printer’s drivers.

This page counter is a program that keeps track of the amount of pages printed with every ink cartridge you’ve placed inside your printer. It doesn’t actually know how much ink is left inside it, but how many sheets it has produced in one particular moment. It will tell the printer the ink cartridge has ran out once it’s reached the set amount of pages it was made to print.

Restoring your printer will only delete this record so the ink cartridge is recognized as if it were new. Keep in mind this error message will reappear after this ink cartridge prints its page limit and you will have to restore your printer one more time.

This restoring procedure works on the following error messages: E 1.6 error / E 0.4 error / E 0.5 error / P07 error / E5 error.

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Picture of how to restore you Canon Pixma MP280 printer:
how reset the canon printer
how reset the canon pixma mp280
Reset indicator on Canon Pixma MP280 printers.

After pressing this button for 15 seconds as indicated, the printer will start a process similar to the printing one. This should take about 15 seconds as well. Once it’s done, the printer should stop blinking and showing any and all of the error messages we mentioned before.