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How to reset the printer Canon PIXMA MP280

This is a very economical printer, and famous in the these days. It is famous because it's easy ton install it a continuous ink system, which gives good quality when printing. We must include the good functionality that it has, considering that it: scans, copies and prints. These are mostly all daily functions performed either in an office or a home. Know that this printer is for domestic use, that is to say, we can not ask for too much.
You migh want to know how to install a continous ink system. This printer uses cartridges CL-211 cartucho de color / CL-210 cartucho black, which are easy to refill, but usually the page counter ( which is installed at  the moment you install the software driver for your printer) causes the printer stop printing, indicating that the cartridge has no ink. That's when you need to reset your printer.

The page counter is a system that identifies you've placed a new ink cartridge to the printer, this program does not really know how much ink that is left in the cartridge, but the number of pages that the cartridge can print. So when considerable amount has been printed it says that the ink cartridge is empty.

Now what we do is to reset the printer is only to delete that printing record for the system to recognize the cartridge like you have installed a new one. Note that when you print pages and you cancel the process, the page counter register the pages as printed, even when the printer hasn't use the ink to print the pages, the page counter will register them as printed.
Resetting the printer can fix the next problems:
--> Error E.1.6 / Error E.0.4 / Error E.0.5 / Error P07 / Error E5 
Image on how to reset the printer
After pressing that button by approximately 15 seconds as indicated above, the printer starts a process like it is printing a document, this process will take approximately 15 seconds elapsed and after this time the printer will stop flashing or presenting one of the errors displayed above.

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