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Restore your Hp Deskjet F4480 printer with HP 60 ink cartridges

Learn how to restore your HP Deskjet F4480 printer by following our quick three-step tutorial.

This post will deal with restoring the HP Deskjet F4480 printer, which stopped recognizing the ink cartridges from the moment they were refilled. Also, both the On/Off and the ink cartridge indicators have been blinking for a while. This process will take a bit of patience and a few blank sheets in the paper tray.

You may also be interested in learning how to align your HP 60 ink cartridges inside the printer. Click on the previous link to perform this alignment, which is completely up to you.

Now the actual restoring process for the HP Deskjet F44480 printer can start.

Step 1.

Turn the printer and wait for it to be fully functional: it must finish cleaning the ink cartridges and setting them in place. The LED indicators will, of course, continue to blink.

Step 2.

Press the On/Off down and, without letting it go, press the Cancel button, which can be found a little bit down the road from the first one: a red button with a cross drawn on it.

You must keep going for about 30 seconds, since we’re restoring the printer back to its original factory settings. This will occur after this entire process is finished.

Note: The printer will print a test sheet using it’s proper system, so you won’t need to connect the printer back to the computer for this particular case.

Step 3.

Now we can print a document directly from our computer; keep in mind the former buttons will still blink. However, the ink cartridge indicator will stop doing it, and they will print perfectly.

In case none of these procedures work out as you expected them to, you can take a look at our post created to restore HP 60 Black and Tricolor ink cartridges using duct tape.

Please keep in mind this post is based on our own experience at our printer repair workshop. If you happen to have another solution for this problem, we suggest you post it in a comment or send it to us so we can publish it on this blog.


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