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How to reset toner on Brother MFC 7820N printers

This post will teach you how to restore your Brother MFC 7820N printers with an easy, three-step tutorial you can follow anywhere.

This time, we’ll be dealing with restoring a Brother MFC 7820N printer/copier. The printer we’re talking about is shown in the picture ahead, just in case this is exactly the same one you’re having problems with.

Solution to the problem:

Toner end of life
7820N end life
end life toner
When we refill our printer’s toner, we save a ton of money in comparison to the amount we’d spend buying a brand new one. However, this doesn’t work all the time, since not all companies use the same system for their toners.

Some printers, as you may already know, insert chips that can keep count of the amount of pages printed with the original toner, so it stops printing at all once the powder runs out. Errors will start appearing constantly when printing.

This is the story, now we’ll show you the solution.

If you wish to restore your Brother MFC 7820N printer/copier but no longer get the Toner End of Life error message, follow the next instructions:

  1. Open the frontal lid on your MFC 7820N, the gate that will allow you to remove the toner and the drum do not remove the cylinder/toner from the device. 
  2. Press the Options menu down. You will find it on the left side of the printer/copier’s control panel.
  3. Type *00 in the keyboard.

The Brother MFC 7820N counter must go back to zero (0) and the Toner End of Life message must stop appearing after this.

Warning: This may void the printer’s warranty, and could certainly damage the device if you choose to refill or even use your toner cartridge again. I image you already know this. We hope this post was of help for you.

Note: The information contained in this post has actually worked out for us, but it’s obviously not the only way of solving this problem. If you happen to know of any other fix, please comment it or send it as a troubleshooting message.


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