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How to setup a default printer


Not having a default printer set up can cause the following issues:

1. The printer won’t respond when you want to print a document. As you already know, printers need to start certain processes when printing, such as the headprints moving from one side to the other and making a bit of working noise. This won’t happen if you don’t have a default printer installed on your computer.

2. Documents could stay on a disconnected printer’s queue,and will only start printing after this same printer has been plugged back into the computer.

3. You may use paper up unnecessarily. If you’re working an in office and want to print a document using the printer there, but it hasn’t been installed as the default one, the computer may choose to print the document on some other printer. The computer will choose any printer that is currently installed as the default one, regardless of where it is.

Now, how do we set a printer of our choosing as the default one?

This is a very simple operation, and we only need to know our printer’s model in order to get it done; finding this out is also very easy. Once you’ve obtained the model, you must go to these places in your computer:

First click on Start Menu, enter the Control Panel, and then access Printing Devices. Once you’re in there, right-click on the printer you want to turn into the default one.
set defaut printer
how set defaut printer
The following image will show you how to click on Control Panel to continue setting up a default printer of your choosing on your computer.

This other one will help you identify Printing Devices on the Control Panel menu.
printer and device in panel
printer in panel control
Finally, this last picture will teach you how to set a default printer up after identifying your printer’s model.
set defaut printer in windows
set defaut printer windows
As we’ve explained before, we must right-click on the printer we want to set up as the default one. Then we must click exactly where the arrow is pointing, which will allow us to add a default printer that will print every document we want. This will save us some bad times and many paper sheets.

This post has been created based on previous experiences in our workshop with similar cases and situations. If you think you know of a different solution to this same problem, please post it in the comment section below. We’re very grateful for other people’s points of view.


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