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As unclog injectors cartridge in my house

This is a very simple process and at the same time very, very useful as this problem can happen when a cartridge is refilled very frequently.

The steps are very simple and there’s no need to procrastinate because what the cartridges do when blocked is that they absorb the ink at the bottom of the outlet pipes, remember that so much water leaks into the stone until it is damaged.

After so many refills of our cartridges, they accumulate a considerable amount of ink which is not used because it stays in the sponge, we are of course now talking about Hp, Canon, and Lexmark Cartridges, "They are the ones that come with sponges" as they kept saying these ink cartridges accumulate ink that must be disposed of, because when this happens what we do next is simple.

Before beginning this step it is best that you look at this as well cleaning the ink cartridges, these procedures can help you find the quickest possible solution to your problem.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Put the cartridge in some water not cold nor hot i.e. steam boiled water.
  2. Please note that the cartridges cannot under any circumstances exceed the limit of connectors i.e. water cannot clog up the connectors on the front of the cartridge.
  3. Leave the cartridge approximately 20 minutes until the water vapor penetrates the head .
  4. Then proceed to remove the cartridge from the water without cleaning the part that was in the water, shake the cartridge therefore allowing the water and the ink, which is now soft, to come out of the ink cartridge .
  5. After doing this, if we see that the cartridge still has the same problem, we do it again , we recommend changing the water  again , this way we can see how much ink can come out of the ink cartridge.
In case you spill ink onto your skin, read how to remove ink from your skin and clothing in order solve this need. If you need further assistance please contact us.


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