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I’m putting my refilled cartridges back in the printer and the On/Off button keeps blinking

This post deals with a frequent issue that appears when we refill cartridges, put them back in the printers and the On/Off button blinks.

This is a very common scenario and, regrettably, bad news. This happening means the printer has stopped recognizing the cartridges, and that only happens when the ink cartridge is damaged.

But the truth is that, if the On/Off button blinks, either the print cartridge contacts or the printer connectors are dirty.
ink conector hp printer
ink conector printer hp

Here we have the print cartridge connectors. Remember to clean them with wet toilet paper, preferably.
hp 22 tricolor conector
ink cartridge conector hp

Cleaning the printer or the print cartridge connectors:

  1. The solution to this small problem with the dirty connectors is to clean them, whether they’re the printer connectors or the print cartridge ones. We recommend you clean them with wet paper napkins or toilet paper. With this, all you’re doing is allowing the contacts to finish their own work, and the ink cartridges to finish the pending process of transmitting the heat from the printer towards them.

In case this first process doesn’t work:

  1. Unfortunately, there is no alternate solution in this case. It seems the ink cartridge has been completely worn out. The only possible fix is replacing the damaged cartridge for another one, whether you use a new one or a used cartridge. This damage occurs when the ink cartridges aren’t able to heat the glycerin in the ink in order to make it expand throughout the sheet of paper. When the printer starts heating the head prints up and the ink cartridges are empty, the heat burns them and the circuits are damaged in the process. This is what causes the On/Off button to blink.
If you have any other solution to this problem, please put it in a comment down below. The fact that this post has already been made doesn’t mean that it’s the best way of performing this operation: our intention lies on sharing. If you know of any other way of doing this, please present it, we agree with sharing and solving. If you have any question similar to this one or a more complex one, please make it in our group.


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