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My printer pulls more than one paper sheet at a time

This may happen when printers are a bit old and their parts have been worn out due to daily use. This daily use, added to the passing of time, could possibly cause printing problems.

To this day, this problem keeps appearing, and the only radical and definite solution involves changing some of the printer’s parts. We, however, use an alternative that works all the time, and it consists of loading the printer up with many paper sheets.

When we talk about many sheets, we’re not talking about loading it up so it cannot work, but only to fill it up with the adequate amount so it doesn’t compromise or force its functioning.

We recommend you take good care of your printer and pay a lot of attention to paper jams, since they can damage its internal parts. Take even better care of it if it’s an older model, since those are the best ones out there; it has been proven to be so.

If you know of any other solution for this problem, please comment on this post. If you have another question related to this issue, you may use our own group and send us a personalized question. We will do our best to answer it.


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