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Noise and some other issues in HP Multifunction printers

These last HP Multifunction printer generations have been a bit more sensitive than the previous ones. There are many issues with them, and one of the most frequent one is the rattling noise caused by the cartridge carriage moving swiftly from one side to the other.

Most people choose to ignore these little warnings, so this minor problem can become a much more grave one.

With the passing of time, the printer will stop working completely: it won’t scan, copy or print, and it will pull paper leaves and leave them empty. That’s when we start asking ourselves what could have gone wrong.

The answer is very simple: in one or many different paper jams, you pulled too hard on the paper sheet without canceling the document, whether on your computer, your printer or by unplugging the entire device.

Once you’ve repeated this exact procedure on your printer, it will eject a single paper sheet without having to pull on it, which could possibly break a small gear located at the end of the sliding bar where the cartridge carriage moves. It will surely get damaged or broken after the carriage hits it.

If this actually happens, we recommend you take your printer to a tech workshop where someone can find this piece for you, or change the entire printer if necessary.

Here we’ll show you two pictures of this piece:

a. Entire piece placed inside the printer. This is what the piece must look like once it’s inside.
piece noise hp printer
printer noise hp
b. The gear is broken and has been removed from the printer.
piece in hp complete
piece in hp complete
Remember if you have any questions just write a comment, we will gladly help you, if you can not repair your printer, buy a new visiting here.


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