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Page yield, or how many pages you can print out of your ink cartridges

This is a very hot topic, talked about and searched for all over the media. It’s also very important that you can count on a tool similar than the one Hewlett-Packard has created for us, since it will help you identify how many pages you can print with your ink cartridges.

However, it can do much more than this. It can also help you know how much ink to refill your ink cartridges with, which is not an easy task to execute unless you have the original packaging. This little box is the only place where you can obtain this information and avoid clogging your ink heads. Also, adding more than the necessary volume can compromise proper functioning.
For example, color ink cartridges tend to print poorly, especially when the Yellow and Magenta color are mixed together. In this case, we need the exact amount of ink for printing, not less or more, but just the quantity indicated in the packaging. You can also check this out in the Hewlett-Packard website, but it’s too big a site to browse.

There’s one section out of the entire website that can help you find page yield information about your ink cartridge. It’s called HP SureSupply.
hp sure supply
hp sure supply for hp
You will find all the information you need about ink cartridge yield right where it’s indicated in the picture. We recommend you type everything from the printer type to the model; you could also add the ink cartridge number, but that search could give out many more results than needed.

For example, we’ve already typed in our printer model. You can now see the results we got using this system: the #27 ink cartridge will show up, along with all the information regarding the amount of ink it works with.
information about the ink cartridges hp
ink cartridge hp
As you can see, the amount of ink needed for the #27 Black ink cartridge has shown up. There is, however, a logical way for us to come to the conclusion that the #28 Tricolor ink cartridge uses the same amount of ink as the #27 one. As we know, the #27 ink cartridge uses 10ml and prints about 280 pages with 5% ave, as indicated in the search result. This same ave percentage lets us know the #28 ink cartridge uses the same amount of ink as the #27 one, even when the total is distributed between its three orifices.

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