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The ink cartridge carriage is stuck

When our printers show this stuck carriage problem or we’re able to see they’re not moving properly from one side to the other, maybe even notice some sort of obstacle in the way, we recommend you follow this secure procedure.

First of all, you must turn the printer off and unplug the power cord, as well as any other cable that is attached to it at the moment.

You must now check the printer by opening the ink cartridge gate:

If you’re able to detect any foreign object that’s in the way of the carriage, remove it from the printer as delicately as possible. You can then turn the printer back on and check the cartridge carriages are moving freely, and that no error message appears on the printer’s screen.

If the problem persists, continue to open a new gate located in the back of your printer, as is shown in the picture.
open door
open door
This will help you see any paper sheet or part of it that’s compromising your printer’s proper functioning. Remove this piece of paper delicately to harming the printer, and put the lid back where you took it from.

Please check your printer’s functioning once more

If you haven’t been able to solve this problem, you must also know improper cartridge placement could also be the cause. You can then proceed to remove them slowly; please visit the printer's manufacturer website or check the instructions manual for the correct placing of the cartridges. Follow the steps indicated, check as many times as you must and print a test sheet you rid yourself of doubt.

Once this has been fixed, you must remember its exact cause and keep it from happening again; this will save you bigger issues in the future. If none of these suggestions helped you, please reach out to a professional, since this minor issue could be due to more serious problems.


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