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Resetting the chips on Sharp AL-2021/AL-2031/AL-2041 copiers

Dear readers, this question has been all over the Internet recently, and I’ve also wanted to know the answer to it in the past. The Internet is also responsible for helping us techs out, who must solve many problems in our workshops.

As it turns out, Sharp has stopped standing out for us and is now focused on selling more and more printers. It seems they’re only interested in getting us to buy the latest product and throwing them out as soon as a new one comes along.
reset sharp toner chip
reset tóner chip for sharp
Sharp AI-1000 toners used to be used in Sharp AI-2040 printers, for example. These toners in particular are known for their resistance, and they yield  much more than any other toner, whether it’s a new or refilled one.Nowadays, this toner has been replaced by the sought-after AL-204TD, a very hard toner to use. If you have one at hand, you can make sure we’re talking about the same toner.

This toner is renowned among us techs nowadays, and the main question lies in how to restore them and get them to stop saying they’re empty after they’ve ran out; buying a new toner off the bat is not an easy thing to do. The main problem here is the printer refuses to continue printing, a problem caused by none other than the chip you can see in this next picture.
toner cartridge for sharp al-2031
toner cartridge for sharp al-2031

This very chip shown in the picture can be a bit hard to restore, and we can’t offer a solution for this situation right now. If you, reader, happen to know of a solution to this particular issue, we’d be very grateful if you put it in a comment in the section below this post so we could publish it on the blog.

However, not all is lost. Remember why I keep recommending you install a page counter program on your computer? Here’s the reason why.

Installing this piece of software is one of the best things we can do; one of its main advantages is learning when our toner or ink cartridge is about to run out. Like we said, there’s still hope, and this is the one loophole Sharp completely forgot about.

If toner runs out in these printers and you choose to refill them, we regret to inform you the printer will always say the cartridges are empty and you will need to buy an entirely new chip to fix this problem. We happen to have these in stock in our online shop, so look for them, order the exact amount you need and check our shipping and delivery options. In our store, we offer them to you at the best price in the entire American continent, and can even provide a tracking number so you always know your order’s exact location.

Another thing you can do is to avoid letting the toner dust run out completely. If you already know how long it takes for this to happen, just refill it before the toner’s empty. You’ll then be using this same toner until the toner developer is depleted. This is exactly why we recommend you install a page counter.

Note: This post has been created by us using information we’ve compiled in our workshop, where we’ve fixed this problem multiple times. We certainly appreciate any comment you may have, and are aware this is not the only piece of information regarding this subject. If you know of any other fix to this issue, please post it in the section below.



  1. I think from the concept of the design you would have to unscrew the chip
    and remove the plastic housing by solder gun. There should be the memory chip
    You have to short circuit. It looks like a square spider in my opinion because its a little black square chip that have 8 little connectors. To short circuit it you have to connect 2 of the legs off the circuit chip. they are usually right next to each other. So the there are 4 legs on each side. try connecting first two they must remain connected for the mean while. The reassemble toner cartridge and place toner back in. If you are lucky the first time upon insertion the copier should think you have a new toner kit. To better understand this You should google "resetting eeprom chips" you can add the word "toner" in search. Worst come to worst you can always buy the chip.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, it will help other readers, and we can publish content if you send.