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Getting rid of paper jams in Canon printers

Canon printers are great devices which are used all over the world currently. Someone has stated they’re specially good for Continuous Ink Systems, but I happen to disagree with this. If you wish to, you can read all about this on our post called All you need to know about Continuous Ink Systems. However, people choose to use these printers more and more often, even when this generation, as well as the previous ones, have exactly the same issue.

This is not a problem per se, but more of a quality that tends to compromise their functioning. These printers are prone both to paper jams and to paper feeding issues.

This condition tends to repeat itself in every printer where paper sheets are fed from the top, such as the HP Deskjet 1000 series and most Canon Inkjet printers.
Getting rid of paper jams in Canon printers
paper jam the printer canon
As you can see in this picture, the upper paper tray is being marked by arrows, meaning this is the exact site where sheets are fed to the printer when the printing process starts.

This paper tray’s vulnerability comes to mind immediately, making us think of how easily any foreign object, or even an insect, can enter the printer through it. This is a very open section and we’ve found everything from pencils to bugs in it, so we imagine anything can enter the printer without us knowing.

The solution is fairly simple: we must only look for a piece of cardboard and use it as it were a regular paper sheet. We could also use an actual paper sheet that has been folded multiple times to do this.

This process will help us realize if there’s any obstacle in the way of the paper sheets, and extract it very carefully. Always remember to remove any residue that may be in this location.

This post is based on the information we’ve compiled in our workshop, where we’ve dealt with similar cases. This is but one solution to this problem, and we suggest you execute every step just as was described in this post. If you know of any other way of fixing it, please post a comment in the section below and help us help you.



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  2. reading through your blog is worth it. I love it how detailed and well explained the problems are being addressed. Thanks for the solution. Do post more helpful tips for us users.