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Solving the E7 error, subcode E7-11, on Sharp AL-2030 copiers

This post will teach you all to need to know about eradicating the E7-11 error message on Sharp AL-2030 copiers in four easy steps.

Even when this is the best copier out there at the moment, it can also have its own problems. The way you use a device can compromise its functioning and payoff; in this case, not using this article and leaving it saved somewhere for a long while can have the same effect on the copier.

We looked this error up in the Sharp Trouble Error & Codes manual, where we found a solution for this same issue. It’s very important you identify the error subcode on your Sharp copier since, as you can see, there are multiple errors inside the E7 error message column. While these depend on it, each code is related to one function, one problem and one solution for it.

Steps to follow to eradicate this issue:

According to the manual, this error originates in the scanner’s lamp, or in the scanner’s roller, which could be jammed.

Step 1.

Clean the scanner’s lamp as softly as possible, keeping it from harm; it’s a very delicate bulb, so keep this in mind. We suggest you use paper napkins for this, and a small vacuum or blow dryer to clean out all paper residues that may be found inside it. If anything is left inside the lamp, it will appear on every single copy you may produce.

Step 2:

Grease up the scanner’s roller located in the scanning sector; it will allow it to move from one side to the other.

Step 3:

After this procedure has been  finished, turn the scanner on. It will show the F5 error message, which indicates the crystal is now loose. This is okay since we’re actually working inside the scanner. In case you don’t want this error message to appear, simply place the crystal back on the scanner. We, however, recommend you put this off if the E7 error persists.

Step 4.

Finish everything up and place every piece back where it came from before proceeding to test the device. Every issue must have cleared up by now.

This post shows only one solution to this problem, which doesn’t mean this is the one and only fix. If you know of any other one, please post it in a comment in the section below this post.


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