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Solving the 5200 error message on Canon printers

This post deals with solving 5200 error code on Canon printers, which may appear after restoring your printer many times. This will be pretty easy.

Once this error message appears, you can try to restore your ink cartridges as many times as you want and get no results whatsoever. This is why we suggest a different sort of rebooting process, focusing on restoring the printer instead of the cartridges.

The steps to solving 5200 error code on Canon printers are the following:

  1. Disconnect your printer’s power cord without disconnecting the printer from the PC.
  2. Open the printer’s gate.
  3. Press the On/Off button for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cord back in the printer while still pressing the On/Off button.
  5. Use a pen to press the button that indicates the printer gate’s closed for about ten seconds. Do not let go of the On/Off key. 
  6. Release the On/Off button and close the printer’s gate.
  7. Once it’s been closed, turn the printer on.

This procedure should get rid of the 5200 error message on your Canon printer right away. However, if the problem persists, try restarting the ink cartridges manually one more time.

This post is based on information we’ve compiled from the Internet; you can click on this list to visit the origianl post. We’ve also executed this procedure in our workshop and everything has gone smoothly. This post doesn’t belong to the printer’s manufacturer at all. If you know of any other solution to this problem, we’d be very grateful if you posted it in a comment in the section below.


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