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What is the best HP Multifunction printer of 2012

What could be the best HP Multifunction printer of 2012? Read this post to find out our choice and the reasons behind it.

Dear readers, here you will find the answer to your question., one that I see is posted on this blog every single day. We’re all obviously very interested in knowing what the best printer is to fulfill our daily needs. This device shouldn’t get damaged right away and help us save money in ink cartridges or toner, whichever our case may be. As we’ve said in previous posts, what really matters is the ink cartridges, not the printer itself.

Most printers are basically the same device and work almost the same as one another. If, for example, you try to judge them based on page yield, you will see the HP Deskjet 100 printers is one of the worst ones in the market. However, you install the HP 122 Black or Tricolor ink cartridges on this same printer model and change the inner sponge so they can hold up to 10ml of ink, the printer itself will become a hit.

This ink cartridge will amp up this printer’s page yield and it to the top of the list, meaning the ink cartridge is much more important than the actual device when it comes to making a good one. The actual print quality and page yield depend on them.

However, since we’re currently looking for the best multifunctional printer of 2012, we must know it will need to have good ink cartridges. Therefore, I present you the ink cartridges that fulfill these expectations:
  • Best Epson Inkjet printer of 2013
  • Best HP Laserjet printer of 2013
HP 920XL Black / Magenta / Yellow / Cyan ink cartridges.
For example, this Black ink cartridge can print up to 1,200 pages, a very decent amount considering this is one of the older ones. If you wish you compare its page yield with some of its partners’, we recommend you take a look at both the links added before.
920 hp new in box
920 ink cartridges

  • You may be interested in learning how to restore HP 920 ink cartridges.
  • You may also wish to read on about cleaning the headprints on HP printers that work with this ink cartridge in particular.
Now all we must do is find out which is the best MF printer, for which we’ll need to search printer models compatible with the ink cartridges shown ahead. These printers will obviously be very good, but the ink cartridges will make them yield much more than before.

One of the award-winning printers if:
HP Officejet 6500 series printers.

The information supplied on this post is based on free pieces of advice we give our customers. It’s not a rule, but only experiences we’ve acquired from our work environment. If you know of any other answer to this same question, please post it in a comment.


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