en.Rellenado: February 2013

Make HP Officejet 6500 printers recognize its ink cartridges

We usually have problems with HP Officejet 6500 printers, since they refuse to recognize the ink cartridges we’ve placed inside them, whether they’re brand new, recycled or refilled.
printer hp 6500
printer hp 6500
We even considered the print heads were damaged, but this was a mistake: the problem persisted after these parts were replaced.

Replacing an entire HP Officejet 6500 headprint will cost you $45,00, a considerable amount to pay to replace an article that’s in perfect shape.

My Sharp AL-1361 Copier prints the sides of my pages very blurrily

Thank you all so much for showing interest in this particular solution! If you’re reading this, we’ve been working on a Sharp AL-1361 that’s been printing sides rather bleary.

We’ve already tried anything in our power, such as replacing the toner and the entire unit with new ones. We’ve tried working with both new pieces, as well as with one new and one used article. So far, we’ve had the exact same print quality issues. We’d be very greateful for your help.


Please explain this procedures in an easy way, so this solution can remain in yoreparo.com for othe users’ needs.