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My Sharp AL-1361 Copier prints the sides of my pages very blurrily

Thank you all so much for showing interest in this particular solution! If you’re reading this, we’ve been working on a Sharp AL-1361 that’s been printing sides rather bleary.

We’ve already tried anything in our power, such as replacing the toner and the entire unit with new ones. We’ve tried working with both new pieces, as well as with one new and one used article. So far, we’ve had the exact same print quality issues. We’d be very greateful for your help.

Please explain this procedures in an easy way, so this solution can remain in for othe users’ needs.

Solution to this problem:

Thank you all so much for collaborating on this particular issue and solving this case in a communal effort. This is clearly the best possible way of coming up with a solution, since some of you have knowledge in certain areas others ignore.

Obviously, whoever’s asking this question lacks the information necessary. Please be very specific about the terms you’re using, and thank you very much for the information you’re supplying.

Solution to this problem:

In order to solve this problem, we had to go all the way to the laser unit. This is the light that shines inside the scanner, the unit responsible for copying an image and turning it into text later on. The copier itself was in perfect shape regarding toner, toner developer, cylinder, etc.

However, the problem lied on the image it was actually receiving and copying. The copies didn’t come out properly because the printer wasn’t able to see the images well, all this due to a bit of filth that was getting in the way of the mirrors. The laser unit had to be dismounted entirely to clean each and every one of the mirrors inside it.

This process must be done with extreme care and using very delicate materials, since the mirrors are clearly very delicate.

Here is a picture of the mirrors you must clean inside the laser unit:


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