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The real secret behind HP 122 ink cartridges (CH561HL)

It’s a known fact that these ink cartridges are the biggest scam in the market for many different reasons, especially its low 120 page yield. The ink cartridge itself warns you about this fact on the packaging, which is completely unfair for a product that costs more than $10.

This ink cartridge holds but 2ml of ink and yields up to 122 pages.

box cartridge hp 122
box with printer hp
Personally, I find this very unfair, but that’s not even the biggest problem here. The actual issue is the discrimination going on in Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., with all the respect they deserve as an enterprise.

What is a headprint?

A headprint is a key element to the printing process, since it’s responsible for the electromechanical procedure of injecting the ink on a paper sheet.

The best advice for taking care of an ink cartridge

It all starts when we open up a new ink cartridge and try it out for the first time. Ideally, we’d stop using it before it ran out and always leave a bit of ink inside it. In this way, we could refill this cartridge and place it back in the printer with no problems.

If you follow these steps strictly, you won’t even have to clean your ink cartridges before refilling them. PEople who recycle or refill ink cartridges can notice right away that most people don’t know this, or choose to ignore it.

As a recycler, we’ve decided to save ourselves a bit of work and invest a large share of our time in in educating our clients, so they can take care of their ink cartridges and extend their lives. This save the client a lot of money and the recycler a bunch of work.

For reasons we’ve already explained, the client must understand printing on an empty ink cartridge could finish it.

Advice for taking care of your ink cartridge’s electronic circuit

The electronic circuit is the one responsible for taking orders directly from the printer and translating them for the ink heads, which will start the printing process.

As the sole controller of the all ink heads, this circuit cannot be replaced or fixed once it’s burned out or damaged entirely, and the ink cartridge will stop working.

Restoring codes for Epson L100, L220 and L1800 ink bottles

We stand in front of a new era in printers, a time for adapting to the evolution of printers and also for trying to get an original, built-in CISS in our printing devices.

It seems these rather original printers are around the corner, or is just Epson trying to get ahead of anyone who wants to take its place by selling built-in CISS printers? Well, guess what?
code reset
ink bottles epson code reset
 As usual, they win. They’ve set extremely high prices and are forced to sell the only thing that has earned them money their entire lives: ink cartridges. However, in this particular case, they won’t be selling ink cartridges, but only ink. This product is called bulk ink.

How to refill Canon 211 and 211XL ink cartridges

 As we all know, these are some great ink cartridges, that are known for their high page yield and overall functioning.

Canon 211 and 211XL cartridges are the most widely used ink cartridge model in Continuous Ink Systems (CISS), which have become rather popular in current times.

This particular ink cartridge’s quality lies on its high page yield and, like most good things in life, they tend to be a bit pricey. This condition has led us to refill them, so we can save some money and keep moving forward.

Here are the instructions to refill your Canon 211 and 211XL ink cartridges:

1. First of all, place the ink cartridge on a surface that can take one or more ink spills. This particular ink cartridge, due to its manufacturing, won’t let any ink leave the carcass, but we recommend you do this anyway.