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How to refill Canon 211 and 211XL ink cartridges

 As we all know, these are some great ink cartridges, that are known for their high page yield and overall functioning.

Canon 211 and 211XL cartridges are the most widely used ink cartridge model in Continuous Ink Systems (CISS), which have become rather popular in current times.

This particular ink cartridge’s quality lies on its high page yield and, like most good things in life, they tend to be a bit pricey. This condition has led us to refill them, so we can save some money and keep moving forward.

Here are the instructions to refill your Canon 211 and 211XL ink cartridges:

1. First of all, place the ink cartridge on a surface that can take one or more ink spills. This particular ink cartridge, due to its manufacturing, won’t let any ink leave the carcass, but we recommend you do this anyway.

2. Remove the label on top the ink cartridge to find three (3) small orifices. They’ll look too small to fit an ink-filled syringe, but you’ll be able to do it anyway. If you can’t do it, we recommend you use a small drilling device to widen these holes just a bit.
ink cartridge 211 tricolor refill
ink cartridge 211 tricolor
3. You must inject 5ml of ink into every one of these holes. Be very careful about the color placing, since mixing the colors up can damage the ink cartridge.

4. Remember to fill the ink cartridge very slowly with the colored ink. Try to put the label back on it while leaving some space for the air to flow inside the ink cartridge. Place the ink cartridge back in the printer and leave it there for about eight (8) hours so the sponges become soaked with ink.

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