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The best advice for taking care of an ink cartridge

It all starts when we open up a new ink cartridge and try it out for the first time. Ideally, we’d stop using it before it ran out and always leave a bit of ink inside it. In this way, we could refill this cartridge and place it back in the printer with no problems.

If you follow these steps strictly, you won’t even have to clean your ink cartridges before refilling them. PEople who recycle or refill ink cartridges can notice right away that most people don’t know this, or choose to ignore it.

As a recycler, we’ve decided to save ourselves a bit of work and invest a large share of our time in in educating our clients, so they can take care of their ink cartridges and extend their lives. This save the client a lot of money and the recycler a bunch of work.

For reasons we’ve already explained, the client must understand printing on an empty ink cartridge could finish it.

We usually come across ink cartridges that have been stored for a long while, leaving the headprint unprotected. In this cases, the most important thing to do is clean them thoroughly, both inside and out, to check if all injectors are working properly and ink is flowing through them.

Another way of taking care of your injectors is to protect the print heads after the cartridge has been refilled. Applying a good technique will keep the injectors from clogging with dried ink before they’re placed in the printer. We’ll explain this later on this same article.

It is also important you use the printer constantly and avoid storing it away with the ink cartridges inside. Even when printer count with protection systems inside the print heads, they won’t keep them safe for long periods of time.

Even though these pieces of advice are trying to show you the best way of taking care of your ink cartridges, they don’t mean you can’t refill ink cartridges at all or save them for a while before using them.

These suggestions are focused on extending your ink cartridge’s working life, but there are also many ways of recovering them and using them to print once more. Keep reading here.


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