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How to know when my Canon® cartridges are blocked

► If you try to print something and the printer acts as if it’s printing, but it’s really not.
► If when the page should print, it prints out a blank page.
► If the cartridges only prints a part of the letter and in the middle there is a blank line.
► If the pages come out blurry.
► If your cartridge only leaves a drop of ink on the sheet and nothing else.
► If only the first part of the page prints out but rest doesn’t.

All these factors indicate that your cartridges are blocked, be aware that this can cause serious problems in the circuit of the cartridges, so it is advisable to take action to fix this problem immediately.

Luckily in our blog that you are reading, we now have a way to solve this problem simply go to this link publish solves the problem.

Please follow the instructions closely for a good result


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