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How to install printers when lacking the original drivers CD

Getting a printer from a friend, a garage sale, as a gift at the office, or even restoring our entire computer can put us in a difficult position if we lack the original drivers CD that comes with the printer. These situations are very common and we may find ourselves without any drivers for our printers.

Not having the official installation process doesn’t have to be a problem if you follow the steps described ahead. Please stick to them and repeat them on your own printer.

If you weren’t able to find the drivers, things didn’t work out as expected, or just have a question regarding this subject, please contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post. We will be happy to get back to you.

Procedure for installing a printer on your computer when lacking the original drivers CD:

Step #1:
Keep the printer attached to the computer via USB cable at all times. This particular cable is in charge of passing the necessary data from the computer to the printer in order to get the printing process started. It will look similar to the one shown in the next picture.

How to configure wireless printers

First of all, a printer doesn’t have to be attached to a computer in order to print a document. This is one of the many advantages you’ll be able to find in any home or business where there’s a laptop.

Nowadays, companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon and Epson are setting these wireless systems on their printers. This seems to be a key element in the printing market, used to impress and pamper the general audience with new developments and features.

These companies are, however, going a bit fast for us, and we’re not able to keep up with new articles or adapt to them.

Solving the full waste ink pad error message on Canon printers

As we all know, Canon printers have the best prices and print quality all over the market. You can even choose to refill your ink cartridges many times, but you must know you will need to restore these printers every time you install a refilled cartridge in it. Companies will always have a trick or two up their sleeves, so we must be prepared for them at all times.

When our Canon printers tells us they’re ran out of ink, we can restore them and keep using the same cartridge. This will repeat itself about 5 more times until the cartridge’s completely depleted. However, another error message is just around the corner.

In principle, restoring a printer will make it understand a new ink cartridge has been installed in it, replacing the last one. The printer will now say the waste ink absorber pad is full, even when we know it’s not so, and block itself. At this point, you’re supposed to take it to the shop and have a tech look at it.

Restoring program for Epson T20, T23, T24, T1100 and TX220 printers

Epson printers are one of the best ones in the market nowadays: their high page yield, ink quality and interface tools are one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. In my own opinion, their print quality standards are closely followed by Brother printers.

These particular printer models have a page counter program installed in them, which keeps track of every paper sheet printed with your ink cartridges. Once you’ve reached and/or surpassed this amount, you will need to restore your entire printer. Since the interface on these printers is so friendly, it will let us restore it by using an external program.

There are very few printers out there that have this kind of restoring method. As you may know by now, most printers are restored by pressing certain buttons, but when it comes to Epson printers there are a few helpful programs out there that can perform this task for us.
an Epson printer restored using this same program
an Epson printer restored using this same program
You may find many entries in our post that contain information about installing and restoring Epson printers.

How to restore HP 60 ink cartridges by using duct tape

With time, we’ve come to find many solutions for a variety of issues that have shown up in our own  printer workshop. This is why we‘ve chosen to create this post with a relatively vague solution, but one we can assure works 100% of the time: restoring your HP ink cartridges with duct tape.

This particular solution can isolate some of the contacts on your printer and get it confused about the type of ink cartridge we’re installing on it, and for how long it has been used. As you already know, printers have page counting programs that keep track of every page printed with each ink cartridge that has been installed in it.

The printer will know an ink cartridge has reached its maximum printing potential and send out error messages if we have them refilled and reinstalled in it. This is how Canon guarantees its earnings.

However, we can keep this from happening if we choose to install the basic set of drivers instead of the full package, as is indicated in the following post: I’ve refilled my ink cartridges but my printer says they’re empty.

How to solve the 5400 o E26 error message on Canon printers

Canon printers are known for their high print quality and for having the highest page yield in the entire market. Some of their printer models go back three generations and are still using the same ink cartridges.

This printer has catched our attention as printe techs, and keeps us focused in finding the solution for every possible error that can show up on them, as many other people do online. When a printer has been sold as much as this particular model, this is bound to happen all over the Internet.

This specific error code can show up in different models of the Canon Pixma series, especially those that use PG210 and PG211 ink cartridges.

How to deep-clean print heads in your Epson printer

First of all, let us say the this post is called this way in order to englobe many printer models and help a lot of our customers at the same time.

It’s come to our attention that most Epson printers seem to have the same print head cleaning systems, which are very effective on their own. However, these consume a lot of ink, even more ink that it would take to clean them on other Epson printers such as the Epson L200 model.

The method we’re about to explain uses a bit more ink than the automatic cleaning process, since it takes the ink and pumps it through the print heads, just as it would when printing a document. This is why this procedure is so helpful.

How to clean the print heads of your Epson L200 printer

As we all know, this is the latest Continuous Ink System printer model in the Epson brand. We were obviously naive in thinking Epson would go out of its way and provide their customers with a printer that’s convenient for them.

However, as time goes by and you continue to use your printer, you will start noticing this printer is more troublesome than it looks. Once you’ve printer 15 pages with it, the printer will say it needs to have the inner sponges replaced, which will cost you about $30.00 if you choose to go along with it.

We can now proceed to show you to unclog the head prints on this particular printer. Be very careful when using dyed inks that are sold in printer stores, since these printers actually use pigmented ones. You can learn the difference between them by reading this post.

How to solve the 1687 error code on Canon MP230 printers - the FINE ink cartridge hasn’t been installed properly

Canon MP230 printers are now being sold all over Latin America, and will take the place of other Canon Multifunction printers for many days to come in the region.

These printers can have Continuous Ink Systems installed in them, but its printing quality’s only average when comparing it to the Canon Pixma MP280 printer model. It also lacks a built-in screen, so we can’t select the exact amount of copies we want to have made directly on the printer. Unfortunately, this particular option seems to have been discarded by Canon.

One of the most common issues on this printer is the 1687 error code, which claims “the FINE ink cartridge is not installed properly.” This means your Canon Pixma MP230 printer isn’t recognizing the ink cartridge at all.

Troubleshooting program for your printer

This post has been created for all those users that work with Windows OS on their printers, and includes a very useful program that can help you detect any error on your printer’s drivers and set everything straight. This helpful little program is called WIndows Fix It.

Windows Fix It will help you solve the most common printer issues out there, such as paper jams that remain set in your printer’s memory even after they’ve been dealt with.

It’s very easy to install: you will only need to download and execute a single file, which will only take a minute depending on your Internet connection. To obtain better diagnostics, please Install Internet Explorer 9 on your computer.

How to restore Epson TX100 and TX105 printers

Restoring Epson TX100 and TX105 printers takes a bit of work, and you will need to downloading this specific adjustment program. Run this program on your printers by clicking on the software.exe file in the downloading folder.

Both Epson Stylus TX100 and TX105 are Multifunction printers have been designed to read top print quality standards in all their prints, scans and copies.

This particular Epson printer can yield up to 5760dpi with variable ink droplet technology, and a printing speed of 26ppm (pages per minute) for Black text, and 14ppm for Colored text printed on A4 paper sheets.

How to restore Epson TX121, T14 and T1100 printers

After waiting for a long time and searching all over the Internet for these programs to restore TX121, T13 and T1100 printers, we’ve finally found them and tested them out. Getting to them was a very difficult task.

Of course, anything’s possible, so we found the Epson 1100 resetter on Eidoreset, and the T13 and TX121 ones on Mediafire, uploaded by an user called OrTHoTaMiNe.

We’ve already tried out all of these programs on our computers and haven’t had a single issue during the installation process. Our computer’s antivirus didn’t seem to have a problem with it either, but we suggest you deactivate it for a couple of minutes on WindowsXP, Windows7 and Windows Vista, just in case this software has some issue with your antivirus.

How to restore the chips found inside Canon ink cartridges

Canon ink cartridges tends to use small ink cartridges that have chips installed in order to guarantee the best functioning possible. However, the Canon chip is also responsible for monitoring ink usage on any printer letting the user know when to change an ink cartridge. This chip is also meant to keep us from refilling our ink cartridges and buying new ones.
cartridge canon
canon cartridge chip
Our printers could ask for new ink cartridges when the ones installed are more than half full, so we will need to restart our printer to get it to use the ink inside the cartridges that have already been installed.

How to reset the Canon IP1880 printer

Canon IP1880 printers are known to have show many different error messages, such as ink tray spills, frozen software, the inability of reading your ink cartridges’ ink levels and paper jams.

At some point, and for a variety of reasons, you will need to restore this printer to get it working again.

Fortunately, this is something you can do on your own without having to call a printer tech, and it will help you save a bit of money.

How to replace Canon ink cartridges

We think it’s very important you know how to change the ink cartridges n your printer. This may take a bit of practice, but it’s something you need to be familiarized with.

Please follow these steps to replace the ink cartridges of a Canon Inkjet printer.


1. Choose an ink cartridge that’s compatible with your printer mode. Canon ink can be versatile, so you may have to choose between Black ink cartridges, Colored ones  or packs that include both colored and black ones.
the on/off button on a Canon printer
the on/off button on a Canon printer
2. Turn your Canon printer on. The On/Off button can be found on the upper-right side. Now, open the printer’s lid.
a picture showing you how to open the printer’s lid
a picture showing you how to open the printer’s lid
3. Get the lid open. This tutorial has been made for Canon printers that use two (2) ink cartridges, which cover about 92% of Canon printer models.

How to contact us

First of all, thank you for entering our blog and trying to solve your ink and toner cartridges with our help. Unfortunately, we’re lacking a direct contact form to help you solve any specific problem.

We’re very grateful you want to contact us, and thank you so much for trusting the information we’ve shared here.

The only way you can contact us at the moment is by posting comments on our posts: we read them on a daily basis and are happy to answer back. We’ve also found this is the most effective method for finding a solution to any problem, since it remains on this blog. Other readers may be inspired by the results and created a more effective solution.

Error codes for Canon MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280 and MP480 printers

This post contains information about some of the printers that aver having Continuous Ink Systems installed the most in current times.These printers are also being sold all over Latin America.

Possible solutions to these issues can be found in the board. If you can’t find one or the restoring method we propose isn’t working for you, please post a comment in the section below this post and we will be glad to help you find another fix to your issue.

You can learn how to restore your Canon MP280 printer quickly by visiting the following post:
How to restore Canon MP280 printers.

Error codes on Canon MP170, MP180, MP450 and MP460 printers

Here is another part of the Canon error code compilation we’ve been working on. If any of you can’t find a solution to your particular issue on this post, or the one we provided doesn’t work for you, you may want to post a comment in the section below this post so we can get back to you with an answer.

You can solve any of these problems in less than a day. Please post your questions using a valid email account so you can get a direct answer.

Error codes for Canon MFP MP140, MP150, MP160, MP190, MP210 and MP220 printers

We will be dealing with some restoring codes for the modern printers that are currently being used the most. You may find a solution for the small problem you’ve been having with your Canon printer on this following chart.

If you can’t find one, please post a comment in the section below this post and we will gladly help you out. If you need help solving any of these errors ahead, please contact us by leaving a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Error codes for Canon MP140, MP150, MP160, MP190, MP210 and MP220 printers

Here are some of the most frequent error codes that show up on Canon printers. Once we theses codes show up, we can restore both regular and Multifunction printers made for domestic use. If we do this, we can solve many problems that appear after refilling our ink cartridges.

If you have any question, you can post it in a comment in the section below this post and we get back to you as soon as possible. Please post your comment using a valid email account so you can receive a message once we’ve answered you.

The following error codes on MFP MP140, MP150, MP160, MP190, MP210 and MP220 printers will stand out: your printer’s LED will blink yellow several times, followed by one long, green blink.

How to reset continuous ink systems on epson printers

Continuous Ink Systems have become very popular nowadays, and even companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Epson have added modern CISS printers to their catalogues.

This, of course, means the consumers will have to adapt to certain novelties imposed by the bigger companies. Unfortunately, Continuous Ink Systems don’t work as well as they seem to, especially in the case of Canon printers. Some of us also count with home-installed CISS on our printers, a customization which is very popular among Canon, HP, Brother and Epson printers. This last brand is the one we’re dedicating this particular post to.

These Continuous Ink Systems have a lot going on. Since they lack the inner sponges traditional ink cartridges have, you don’t have to add small amounts of ink in a specific spot, rather than replacing one load of ink with the other.

How to fix the end of Ink pad end of life error message on Epson L100 and L200 printers

Epson L200 printers have built-in Continuous Ink Systems, created and distributed by their manufacturer, Epson. This printer model is the latest turn in the industry of printers with pre-installed CISS.

The developers think this is the best they can do for their customers, allowing them to print more pages for less money. This, however, is relative, since it still surpasses the combined cost of traditional printing jobs with regular ink cartridges and having a Continuous Ink Systems installed on your device. This price also includes printer maintenance and ink cartridge refills.

In the case of CISS, its ink cartridges can only be refilled using a specific type of ink sold only by the printer’s manufacturer. In order to buy this product and continue to use your printer, you’ll need special restoring codes found in the ink bottles they sell, which are very expensive products.

My printer continues to print test sheets

This is what Hewlett-Packard has developed to find out when ink cartridges have ran out and to stop the printer from printing any more sheets. Now, why does this happen when I turn refill my ink cartridges or when you turn your printer on? This issue occurs when you take out an ink cartridge from the printer, since the printer has a way of knowing a cartridge has been removed or installed in it. Doing this will start a new process.
print test for hp printer
printer hp test page
The device will print this test sheet every time you remove one of its ink cartridges and put it back inside, regardless of it being filled with ink or not. This test sheet will let you know if the ink cartridge has ran out or is printing blurry, letting you see how the ink exists the cartridge itself.

How to refill HP 122 black ink cartridge

We could say many things about this ink cartridge, an article we, Latin Americans, seem to be stuck with for a while. Unfortunately, it seems we’re going to have to get used to them.

In all honesty, they’re not the best ink cartridges out there. These only hold up about 2ml of ink, so we won’t be able to get more than 110 prints out of it.
hp ink 122 black
black ink cartridge 122
We’ve received many comments telling us we should stop buying this product at all, but we’re forced to do it since we already have a printer that works with them.

This is not an easy thing we’re going through, a scenery we’ve already discussed on our post the real secret behind HP 122 ink cartridges.

Getting rid of the 5100 error message on Canon printers

There’s much to say about Canon printers: good overall functioning, high quality and decent page yield. This is a very common use among Canon printers, so you must be prepared for it.

A 5100 error message on a Canon printer means something is blocking the ink cartridges’ natural coming and going. If you have a Continuous Ink System installed on your printer, we suggest you check it’s not getting in the way of the printer heads or keeping it from reaching its final destination.

Since we don’t have a CISS installed in our own computers, all we need to do is check for any piece of paper on both sides of the headprint. Even a small piece can interrupt the movement process, so take a good look at the entire course of the ink cartridges.

I’ve refilled my ink cartridges but my printer says they’re empty

The empty ink cartridges error message is very common in printers after they’ve been refilled.This is a very simple ue issue to fix, so don’t get ahead of yourself.

It’s a widely known fact that modern printer manufacturers are evolving for their own good, and this is something we should expect to see for a while longer.

We’ve already explained this problem has to do with the ink cartridge contacts, which we already learned how to take care of.

Now, these little pals called connectors carry certain information with them that lets the printer know when an ink cartridge has ran out. This is not actually true, since the connectors let the printer know how many paper sheets have been printed using a single ink cartridge. Each ink cartridge carries a pre-set amount of printed paper sheets with them.