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Getting rid of the 5100 error message on Canon printers

There’s much to say about Canon printers: good overall functioning, high quality and decent page yield. This is a very common use among Canon printers, so you must be prepared for it.

A 5100 error message on a Canon printer means something is blocking the ink cartridges’ natural coming and going. If you have a Continuous Ink System installed on your printer, we suggest you check it’s not getting in the way of the printer heads or keeping it from reaching its final destination.

Since we don’t have a CISS installed in our own computers, all we need to do is check for any piece of paper on both sides of the headprint. Even a small piece can interrupt the movement process, so take a good look at the entire course of the ink cartridges.

Now that we’ve looked and made sure there aren’t any foreign objects that may be causing the problem, we must restore our printer. Please follow every step to the letter to guarantee the best outcome possible. If this doesn’t work out for you, please leave a comment in the section below this post, and leave valid information so we can give you some feedback.

Step 1: Turn the printer on. Logical, right?
Step 2: Try pressing Menu. If your printer lets you in before the error message comes up, half our work is done. Once you’re in, your printer’s system will allow you to restart the entire device back to factory settings. Any configuration or special setting will be lost in the process. In case you can’t enter your printer’s Menu, continue with the following steps.
Step 3: Press the Scan / Copy / Scan keys in that order. This will put your printer in Service Mode.
Step 4: Now you only need to wait for a few minutes and the process will be finished.
Final step: Your printer should have stopped blinking and sending out the 5100 error message.

Note: All this information is based on knowledge we’ve acquired in our workshop, it’s not supplied by any printer manufacturer and shouldn’t be taken as a rule. This is only a solution of one particular issue. In case you can’t solve this on your own, we suggest you contact the manufacturer directly.


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