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How to configure wireless printers

First of all, a printer doesn’t have to be attached to a computer in order to print a document. This is one of the many advantages you’ll be able to find in any home or business where there’s a laptop.

Nowadays, companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon and Epson are setting these wireless systems on their printers. This seems to be a key element in the printing market, used to impress and pamper the general audience with new developments and features.

These companies are, however, going a bit fast for us, and we’re not able to keep up with new articles or adapt to them.
This is why we will teach you how to set a wireless printer up without needing any cables. You will also be able to use and configure a LAN network for printing purposes.

Step #1:
Open your computer’s start menu and click on printing devices.
old windows logo
old windows logo
Step #2:
Now, click on the add printer option located on the upper side of the menu. A new window will be displayed on screen.

Step #3:
Please click on the add wireless or Bluetooth printer option on the menu. The computer will search for any printer available for this specific installation process.
adding a printer to a wireless network
adding a printer to a wireless network
Step #4:
Click on the printer of your choosing once your computer has detected all the devices available.

Step #5:
Click on Install once it shows up on your screen.

Step #6:
Follow every instruction to the letter and click on the Finish option once it shows up. You can now configure your printer according to your own wants and needs.

Important note: If you need to install the same printer on multiple computers using this same method, you will need to install this printer’s drivers on each and every printer you want to use it on to may it work properly.


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