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How to contact us

First of all, thank you for entering our blog and trying to solve your ink and toner cartridges with our help. Unfortunately, we’re lacking a direct contact form to help you solve any specific problem.

We’re very grateful you want to contact us, and thank you so much for trusting the information we’ve shared here.

The only way you can contact us at the moment is by posting comments on our posts: we read them on a daily basis and are happy to answer back. We’ve also found this is the most effective method for finding a solution to any problem, since it remains on this blog. Other readers may be inspired by the results and created a more effective solution.
This is the proper way of writing a comment on our blog posts.
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Things to keep in mind:

You must post your comments using a valid and verified profile or email account, as Blogger demands. In this way, you can receive a direct notification when your question has been answered. If you post an anonymous question, you won’t be able to receive one, so we recommend you follow Blogger’s instructions and use a valid account such as LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress and TypePAD.

Another way of being notified is by subscribing to the posts. Take into account you will get an email or profile notification each time a question or comment is added to the post you’re subscribed to. We suggest you choose this method until your question has been answered.

Subscribing to posts:

This is a very effective way of getting an answer from the editor of the post. We answer each and every comment because we think they’re more important than publishing a new entry on our blog, since they give us feedback from our readers and customers. In this way, we obtain more information can look for new solutions.


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