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How to fix the end of Ink pad end of life error message on Epson L100 and L200 printers

Epson L200 printers have built-in Continuous Ink Systems, created and distributed by their manufacturer, Epson. This printer model is the latest turn in the industry of printers with pre-installed CISS.

The developers think this is the best they can do for their customers, allowing them to print more pages for less money. This, however, is relative, since it still surpasses the combined cost of traditional printing jobs with regular ink cartridges and having a Continuous Ink Systems installed on your device. This price also includes printer maintenance and ink cartridge refills.

In the case of CISS, its ink cartridges can only be refilled using a specific type of ink sold only by the printer’s manufacturer. In order to buy this product and continue to use your printer, you’ll need special restoring codes found in the ink bottles they sell, which are very expensive products.
We will now focus on solving the “Ink Pad End of Life” error message on your Epson printer. This particular error will show up after your printed about 15,000 pages, surpassing the product’s warranty of one year of service or 15,000 printed pages.

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This message will try to avoid damaging the electronic circuits or the printer’s motherboard. The waste ink absorber pads inside your ink printer are responsible for picking up all the ink that’s left over after printing a document or cleaning your print heads, and must be replaced after you’ve reached the 15,000 prints limit.

In principle, this should be as easy as opening up your printer, removing the old ink absorber pad, giving it a good wash, cleaning whatever ink residues are still in the printer and install them back on the device. This would make any person and tech capable of performing this particular task at home, gaining them some advantage over the printer’s manufacturer.

However, the developers were one step ahead us: they decided to install a page counter software that blocks your printer as soon as this message appears on screen, forcing us to take our printer to one of own workshops so they can change this ink pad instead of us.

They will, of course, clean every ink cartridge and restore the printer using a system installed on it, which will restart this page counter. The manufacturers will charge you a very large sum of money for taking care of this simple issue, and you will be forced any fee that comes your way since your printer’s warranty is now void. Like we said before, it will automatically expire after one year of service or 15,000 prints.

Here are the download links you’ll need to get this program and the procedure you’ll need to follow:
Download links:

For Epson L200 printers:
You can purchase the file by clicking on this link.
Download a version of the Epson Adjustment Program compatible with your Epson L200 printer’s system.

For Epson L100 printers:
You can purchase the file by clicking on this link.
Download a version of the Epson Adjustment Program compatible with your Epson L100 printer.

You must follow these exact same steps and be very attentive of the version you’re downloading. Once you install this program on your computer, your printer will restore the ink absorber pads according to the procedure compatible with your printer’s model.

Here are the steps you must follow to get rid of this problem:

1. Turn your printer on and make sure you’ve installed the proper version of this program on your computer.
2. Double-click on the “Adjprogram.exe” file.
reset printer epson
reset printer epson
3. Click twice on “Accept” to enter Particular Adjustment mode.
particular adjustment mode
particular adjusment mode
4. Select the “Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset” option.
waste ink pad counter epson printer
waste ink pad counter
5. Now, click on “Main Pad Counter, FI Box Counter, Ink Tube Counter” and, finally, hit the Initialization option.
reset printer
reset printer
6. Turn your printer off and on again, and wait for it to become fully functional as usual.

This procedure should be enough to get rid of the error message showing up on your printer, and it will also save you a pretty penny in the process.

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Good luck!
Note: This post is based on information gathered in our workshop and several other sources of knowledge. We’re simply trying to offer solutions to your printing problems. In case these procedures don’t work out for you, please contact your printer’s manufacturer. Last update on this post: 12/19/2010.



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