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How to refill HP 122 black ink cartridge

We could say many things about this ink cartridge, an article we, Latin Americans, seem to be stuck with for a while. Unfortunately, it seems we’re going to have to get used to them.

In all honesty, they’re not the best ink cartridges out there. These only hold up about 2ml of ink, so we won’t be able to get more than 110 prints out of it.
hp ink 122 black
black ink cartridge 122
We’ve received many comments telling us we should stop buying this product at all, but we’re forced to do it since we already have a printer that works with them.

This is not an easy thing we’re going through, a scenery we’ve already discussed on our post the real secret behind HP 122 ink cartridges.

We will have to buy them again when the ones we have stop working completely, but we can now continue to refill them. You can also read our post How to refill HP 122 Tricolor ink cartridges.

Procedure to refill Hp 122 Black ink cartridges:

We always remind you to place this ink cartridges on a surface that can take an ink cartridge. We also suggest you clean your ink cartridges when you need to in order to preserve their print quality. You will only need to clean them after they’ve been refilled multiple times If you wish to learn how to clean your HP ink cartridges, please visit our post How to clean an ink cartridge.

Step #1:
For this step, we’ll need a bit of black fabric regardless of your use of dyed or pigmented inks. We suggest you use the latter, but you can take a look at our post called the differences between dyed and pigmented inks. Get a 5ml syringe; don’t use one larger than this. You will also need a few napkins or a piece of soft, white cloth.

Step #2:
Remove the label on top of the cartridge, the one that indicates its color and number. Some people leave it on while refilling their ink cartridges, and choose to pierce it with the needle, but we recommend you remove it entirely to preserve this and every other ink cartridge’s durability.

Step #3:
Fill the syringe with 3ml of ink. Remember all ink cartridges lose a bit of their original page yield, so you must only apply 3ml. While this amount of ink surpasses the factory one, we will obtain a page yield closer to the original one.

Step #4:
Add the ink very slowly to each and every orifice found on the top of the ink cartridge. You should take about 10 seconds pouring each milliliter and place the syringe in the center of the cartridge’s inner sponge.

Step #5:
Put the label back on the ink cartridges as close to the original form as possible, leaving all four (4) airflow orifices intact so the cartridge gets all the air it needs.

Step #6:
Shake the ink cartridge with the head print facing down so the ink drops. Please don’t touch the contacts so the printer doesn’t stop recognizing the ink cartridges.
head ink cartridge 122
ink cartridge head
Picture 1: Ink cartridge contacts.
Picture 2: Head print.

Once this process is done, you will need to print about three (3) test sheets using this ink cartridge. The first few pages may not look all that well, but just give it time and leave the ink cartridge inside the printer so it soaks up all the ink.

There’s a slight chance this procedure doesn’t work for you, even if you follow each step to the letter. In this case, please post a comment in the section below this post so we can help you out.


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