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How to restore the chips found inside Canon ink cartridges

Canon ink cartridges tends to use small ink cartridges that have chips installed in order to guarantee the best functioning possible. However, the Canon chip is also responsible for monitoring ink usage on any printer letting the user know when to change an ink cartridge. This chip is also meant to keep us from refilling our ink cartridges and buying new ones.
cartridge canon
canon cartridge chip
Our printers could ask for new ink cartridges when the ones installed are more than half full, so we will need to restart our printer to get it to use the ink inside the cartridges that have already been installed.

Now that we’ve achieved restoring these ink cartridges, we can push our cartridges to the limit, whether to refill them or to get the amount of ink we deserve.

Instructions to restore the chips found inside Canon ink cartridges:
Your printer’s USB cable must be disconnected.
1. Turn the printer off by pressing the On/Off button. Wait until the LED indicator turns off as well.
button to turn the printer
button to turn the printer
2. Disconnect the printer’s power cord and remove its USB cable from the computer it’s attached to.
canon printer usb cable
cable usb printer
3. Locate the Resume and On/Off buttons on your printer’s panel, found on the upper-right section. now, press and hold them down.

Press this buttons at the same time so this restoring method works out. If you need more information about this step, we’ll be glad to help you out. Once these buttons are pressed down, hold them for about 20 seconds and don’t let go of them until this amount of time has passed.

4. Connect the printer’s power exit so it can get going. Let go of the On/Off button while keeping the Resume one pressed down. This will put your Canon printer in Test Mode.

5. You can let go of the Resume button once you’ve noticed the printer has started printing the test sheet. The printer will now be in Service Mode and the screen’s light will go off.

6. Press the Continue button once and wait for the ink counter to show up on the printer’s screen. Do this four times in case the message doesn’t appear on your first try.

7. Press the 0 key on your printer to restore the chip inside the ink cartridges. If you’re using a bubble-jet printer, press the Cartridge key instead.

8. Press the OK button and turn the print off again.

9. Disconnect the printer from the power exit and plug it back in before connecting the USB cable back to it so you can start using your printer again.


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