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How to restore Epson TX121, T14 and T1100 printers

After waiting for a long time and searching all over the Internet for these programs to restore TX121, T13 and T1100 printers, we’ve finally found them and tested them out. Getting to them was a very difficult task.

Of course, anything’s possible, so we found the Epson 1100 resetter on Eidoreset, and the T13 and TX121 ones on Mediafire, uploaded by an user called OrTHoTaMiNe.

We’ve already tried out all of these programs on our computers and haven’t had a single issue during the installation process. Our computer’s antivirus didn’t seem to have a problem with it either, but we suggest you deactivate it for a couple of minutes on WindowsXP, Windows7 and Windows Vista, just in case this software has some issue with your antivirus.

Restoring printers, especially Epson ones, is a very important procedure. These particular printers work very well with Continuous Ink Systems, since their ink cartridges lack the traditional inner sponges and you will only need to refill them with the amount of ink you’ve spend over time.

Epson printers are also known for their high print quality in colored prints due to their use of pigmented inks. This specific product has a very strict elaboration process.

We recommend all our readers to post a comment on the section below this post if you come across any problems during this entire tutorial. We will be glad to help you solve your problem.

Here is a screenshot of how the restoring program looks on screen:
reset printer epson tx121 waste ink pad counter
reset printer epson tx121 waste ink pad counter

Here are the direct download links of the restoring programs for Epson T13, TX121 and T1100 printers:

Remember if you have problems leave a comment will be gladly answered.


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