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How to solve the 1687 error code on Canon MP230 printers - the FINE ink cartridge hasn’t been installed properly

Canon MP230 printers are now being sold all over Latin America, and will take the place of other Canon Multifunction printers for many days to come in the region.

These printers can have Continuous Ink Systems installed in them, but its printing quality’s only average when comparing it to the Canon Pixma MP280 printer model. It also lacks a built-in screen, so we can’t select the exact amount of copies we want to have made directly on the printer. Unfortunately, this particular option seems to have been discarded by Canon.

One of the most common issues on this printer is the 1687 error code, which claims “the FINE ink cartridge is not installed properly.” This means your Canon Pixma MP230 printer isn’t recognizing the ink cartridge at all.

When we say FINE ink cartridges, we’re talking about the PG210 Black and PG211 Tricolor ones, which is the exact type of cartridge used on Canon Pixma MP230 printers.Some other high yield ink cartridges are included in this category, such as the CL210XL Black and CL211XL Tricolor ink cartridges.

How to solve the 1687 error message on Canon Pixma MP230 printers

First of all, the LED indicators on your printer will be blinking like this:
blinking lights on a Canon MP230 printer with the 1687 error code
blinking lights on a Canon MP230 printer with the 1687 error code
We already know there’s a problem going on in our printer, so now we need to find a solution for it., If we use logic, we will be able to deduce there’s something wrong with the ink cartridge contacts, possibly caused by an ink spill on them.

Please keep in mind this particular error code is very rarer on printers where the ink cartridges haven’t been refilled. If you’ve only been using the printer for a short while, contact the seller or manufacturer so you can take advantage of the warranty on this  Canon product. 

If you have refilled your ink cartridges and used your printer for a while, then you may need to clean the contacts on your cartridges: they could have become dirty after a bit of ink spilled and dried on them. You can learn how to clean them by reading our post How to clean the contacts on your ink cartridge. To simplify this post, proceed to clean the contacts with a napkin or soft cloth dipped in a bit of alcohol.
ink cartridge hp 122
ink cartridge color
We also recommend you clean the contacts on your printer, since they could also be covered in dried ink and contributing to the ink cartridges not being recognized. Here’s a picture of how they look; please remember to clean them using a soft material such as s napkin or piece of cloth.
conector in the printer
conector in the printer
Clean the contacts on your printer with even more delicacy than the one you used to clean the ones on your ink cartridges. You must leave the cartridge carriage intact and in place to avoid damaging them. We suggest you clean this contacs from the top down.

After you’ve cleaned both sets of contacts, install the ink cartridge back in your printer. Do not touch the contacts or ink injectors at any moment to keep them clean.

a. These are the ink cartridge contacts. Please avoid touching them to keep them clean, or you will have the same problem again in the future. Remember we’re cleaning the contacts to get rid of any residue on the cartridges that may be in the way of the contacts.

b. These other pieces are the injectors. Stay away from them, since they’re very fragile parts and are in charge of putting the ink on the paper sheets. If these are clogged, your FINE ink cartridge could start printing random lines on your documents.

Now we can place the ink cartridges back in the printer, or at least the one that’s causing this error message. The printer must recognize the ink cartridge and be able to print with it. Press the ink cartridges down with a bit of strength to help them get in touch with the contacts on the printer.

After this entire procedure has been done, turn your printer off and disconnect the power exit. Wait for about 5 minutes  and reconnect the printer before you turn it on. If you have any problems during this process, you must only remove the ink cartridges from the printer and set them back in place one more time.

Once the FINE ink cartridge has been installed, leave it inside the printer and keep it safe. If you fail to do this, the FINE ink will dry out and won’t work properly until you’ve reinstalled it. Keep using this cartridge for up to six months after the installation date to guarantee maximum print quality.


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