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How to solve the 5400 o E26 error message on Canon printers

Canon printers are known for their high print quality and for having the highest page yield in the entire market. Some of their printer models go back three generations and are still using the same ink cartridges.

This printer has catched our attention as printe techs, and keeps us focused in finding the solution for every possible error that can show up on them, as many other people do online. When a printer has been sold as much as this particular model, this is bound to happen all over the Internet.

This specific error code can show up in different models of the Canon Pixma series, especially those that use PG210 and PG211 ink cartridges.

It can be appear when the contacts on your ink cartridges are overheating, a common situation after having them refilled and printing with very little ink in them. The contacts could also be dirty and keeping the printer from recognizing the ink cartridges installed in it.

Here are the possible solutions for the 5400 or E26 error code on Canon printers:

Before you begin any restoring procedure, please disconnect the printer’s power cable and leave it like this for at least ten (10) minutes.
cable power
cable power
This will keep the printer from processing data or getting electricity at all, stopping the overheating process that may be going on inside it. The contacts can now cool down and recognize the ink cartridges, starting a normal printing process. This is the first possible solution to this problem.

Another possible solution lies in cleaning the contacts both on the printer and on the ink cartridges.
ink cartridge 22 tricolor
ink cartridge 22 tricolor
Like we said before, this error message could also appear after we’re refilled our ink cartridges: they could be filling the contacts up with ink. If this is the cause, you can fix this problem by cleaning the print heads.
printer conector clear
printer conector clear
You should also consider cleaning the contacts on the actual printer with a small napkin that has been damped in alcohol; it will dry up in no time. We don’t recommend you use water, since it can cause short circuits and burn the contacts on your ink cartridges.

Another possible fix for the 5400 or E26 error message:

The following restoring procedure for Canon printers is highly effective and we stand behind it. We’ve already tested it out on several other Canon printers with this same issue, and it has worked perfectly so far.

Procedure to restore the 5400 or E26 error message on Canon printers:

1. Turn your Canon printer off.
2. Press the Menu button, if you happen to have one.
3. Press the Scan / Copy / Scan keys in that order. You will now gain access to the Administrator Menu.
4. Once inside this menu, choose the NYRAM ACCESS option.
5. Select ABS-M Level 0.
6. Then, select the ABS-P Level 0 option.
7. Finally, press the Stop key to exit.

If things don’t go according to plan, please post a comment in the section below this post and we will be happy to get back to you with another possible solution for this problem. remember we’re here to help.




  2. Hello there,
    the procedure isn't clear.

    For Canon MP510, once you turn power off (first step), the buttons on LED screen panel become inactive.

  3. MG4250 ... did not help... Any idea how to fix?

    1. I have the same issue.can not find a fix anywhere. Nothing seems to work.

  4. This does not fix the 5400 error on canon MG4250.

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