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I’ve refilled my ink cartridges but my printer says they’re empty

The empty ink cartridges error message is very common in printers after they’ve been refilled.This is a very simple ue issue to fix, so don’t get ahead of yourself.

It’s a widely known fact that modern printer manufacturers are evolving for their own good, and this is something we should expect to see for a while longer.

We’ve already explained this problem has to do with the ink cartridge contacts, which we already learned how to take care of.

Now, these little pals called connectors carry certain information with them that lets the printer know when an ink cartridge has ran out. This is not actually true, since the connectors let the printer know how many paper sheets have been printed using a single ink cartridge. Each ink cartridge carries a pre-set amount of printed paper sheets with them.
The following form lets you see how much ink is added to each ink cartridge.
ink cartridge
In order to keep this post short, you must know a series of add-ons are installed on your computer along with the printer drivers, which are responsible for letting you know when a new ink cartridge is needed and when the old one has printed enough paper sheets to deplete it entirely.

Adding ink to iar ink cartridges isn’t worth it if these little programs have been installed, since the printer will keep saying the ink cartridges are empty regardless of the amount of ink inside them, due to the fact that the cartridge has already printed all the sheets it was made to print.

Solution to this problem:

We recommend you get rid of all the add-ons that come with your printer drivers, and keep only the basic set of drivers, which are the only ones responsible for the actual printing process. Certain add-ons are great, we cannot deny this, but they’re only beneficial to the people who can afford to buy new ink cartridges each and every time the olds ones run out.

Remember we don’t recommend you install your printer’s drivers directly from the installation CD. However, if this is the only option available for you, click on Advanced Configuration to choose the basic set of drivers and leave all the add-ons behind.

This post is based on our own workshop experiences and documents. The information presented in this post doesn’t belong to the printer’s manufacturers, and are only suggestions. You can choose to repeat these procedures or not.


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