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Solving the full waste ink pad error message on Canon printers

As we all know, Canon printers have the best prices and print quality all over the market. You can even choose to refill your ink cartridges many times, but you must know you will need to restore these printers every time you install a refilled cartridge in it. Companies will always have a trick or two up their sleeves, so we must be prepared for them at all times.

When our Canon printers tells us they’re ran out of ink, we can restore them and keep using the same cartridge. This will repeat itself about 5 more times until the cartridge’s completely depleted. However, another error message is just around the corner.

In principle, restoring a printer will make it understand a new ink cartridge has been installed in it, replacing the last one. The printer will now say the waste ink absorber pad is full, even when we know it’s not so, and block itself. At this point, you’re supposed to take it to the shop and have a tech look at it.

The message displayed on your printer is the following:

Full waste ink pad.

This error message tells us enough ink has spilled out the ink cartridges to clean both the inner sponges, which are under them, and the ink cartridges themselves. The ink pads are allegedly so full the printer has stopped working. This simple error can be fixed by restoring your Canon printer back to factory settings.

Solution to the Full Waste Ink Pad error message on Canon printers:

1. Disconnect the printer’s power cord.
disconnecting the power cord from the printer
disconnecting the power cord from the printer
2. Press and hold the on/off button on your printer while the power cable’s still unplugged.
pressing the button on printer
pressing the button on printer
3. Without letting the on/off button go, connect the printer’s power cable back to it. The LED indicator will now shine green.

4. Keep the on/off button pressed and push down the paper feed key. This button looks like this on your Canon printer:
reset button
5. Let go of the on/off button and keep the paper feed one pushed down.

6. Finally, push the on/off button again while keeping the Paper Feed one pressed down. Now the printer should be working as if it were brand new.

You can identify this printer on your listing because of the “copy 1” words at the end of its name.


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