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How to refill the HP 60 black ink cartridge

The HP 60 black cartridge works with pigmented inks, which is why it yields up to 220 pages with laser printing quality. Even after refilling it, this cartridge will still print up to 150 pages, but only if you use pigmented ink when doing it. To learn more about this type of ink, please visit the following post.

We could even state that a new generation of HP cartridges began after this one came out, since the new ones print fewer pages than the older HP cartridge models.

This is why we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that our ink cartridges print fewer pages than the traditional ones, the HP 60 black cartridge is compatible with the following printer models:

HP deskjet D1660, D2530, D2545, D2560, D2660, D2680, D5545 and D5560. when refilling this cartridge, we recommend you only inject 5ml of ink into it. This amount surpases the original factory amount, but it won’t cause any problems.

Instructions for refilling the HP 60 black ink cartridge:

Before we start, we recommend you clean the contacts on this cartridge. While this is necessary, it’s not really mandatory since these cartridges have very high performance as it is.

However, if you haven’t used them, in a long time, there may be some dried ink on the print heads, and that’s never good. Please read the following post to learn how to clean the print heads on your ink cartridges.

After you’ve done the cleaning process which, again, is not mandatory and you can choose to avoid it completely, you can continue with the refilling procedure.

Step #1:
First, put the cartridge on top of any material that can take an ink spill or two. We don’t recommend you use any white fabric since you won’t be able to remove the ink from it, but you could use any black material, even a flat surface that you can clean ink from.

Step #2:
The, remove the label that carries the cartridge number, located at the very top of it. We recommend you always remove this label before refilling the cartridge.

This label is responsible for letting the necessary amount of air into the cartridge that will help it reach the highest performance and printing quality. Take this label off very slowly to avoid harming it.
place where you must fill 60 hp
place where you must fill 60 hp
Step #3:
Now inject the 5ml of ink as slowly as possible. We need you to add the ink very slowly to help spread the ink inside the cartridge, so it soaks the sponge that’s in it. Please take a look at the following image, and remember to take all the air out from the syringe.
syringe with ink
syringe with ink
Step #4:
Now that you’ve refilled the ink cartridge, all you need to do now is print a test sheet with it. We recommend you leave the cartridge inside the printer from now on.

Unfortunately, something could still go wrong with this procedure even if you’ve followed it strictly. If this is your case, please contact us by posting a comment in the section below this post.

We always recommend you print a test sheet after refilling the cartridge, so please visit the following post if you wish to learn how to do it.

If your ink cartridge starts blinking when you install it back in the printer, we recommend you read the following post to learn how to restore them. This same post will work on this cartridge and many others.

If your ink cartridge continues to have problems or blinking after it’s been refilled, please execute the following steps:

1. Take the ink cartridge out of the printer and clean the contacts on it with a wet napkin.
2. Clean the contacts on the printer as well.
3. If you still haven’t solved the problem, then turn your printer off for 10 minutes and disconnect the power cable. Wait until the 10 minutes have passed and then plug the cable back in the printer before installing the cartridge back in the printer.
4. If this doesn’t help, please contact us.

How to refill the HP 57 tricolor ink cartridge

The HP 57 tricolor ink cartridge has very high page yield and photographic print quality, and it works with water-based or dyed inks. If you need more information regarding this ink type, please read the following post.

With this ink cartridge, as many other HP ones, you will need to refill it as very slowly in order to do it properly, and to help fill the sponge inside the cartridge completely.

The HP 57 ink cartridge is compatible with the following printer models:

HP deskjet  portable 450cbi; HP deskjet 5550, 5551 and 5552; HP officejet 6110; HP photosmart 100, 130, 230, 7150, 7350 and 7550, and HP multifuntion psc 2105, 2108, 2110, 2115,and 2150 y 2210.

How to refill the HP 56 black ink cartridge

The HP 56 black ink cartridge has a very high page yield due to the amount of ink the sponge inside them can soak up. If you buy this cartridge directly from the manufacturer, you can print up to 520 pages with it.

After refilling it with approximately 17ml of ink, you can still print up to 400 pages. We recommend you refill this cartridge with pigmented ink, which will help the cartridge reach laser print quality. You will still get the same results after refilling it and a page yield close to the original one.

If you wish to learn more about ink types, please read the following post. Finally, we recommend you follow this procedure to the letter to avoid causing any harm to your cartridge.

If this procedure doesn’t work out for you, please contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post.

This ink cartridge is compatible with the following printer models:

HP deskjet 5550, 5551 and 5552;HP portable deskjet 450cbi; HP photosmart 7150, 7350, 7550, 7660, 7760 and 7960; HP multifunction psc 2105, 2108, 2110, 2115, 2150 and 2210; and HP officejet 6111.

Instructions for refilling an HP 56 black ink cartridge:

Before we start, we recommend you have clean the contacts on the cartridge. However, this is necessary, not mandatory, especially because these ink cartridges have such great performance.

If you haven’t used these cartridges for a long time, we suggest you clean them first because there may be some dried ink on the print head, which is never good. If you wish to learn how to do this, then please read the following post.

How to refill the HP 54 black ink cartridge

The HP 54 black cartridge is known for its high page yield: you can print up to 600 pages with it, and up to 400 after it’s been refilled. Even when this cartridge wasn’t installed on many HP printers, the ones that do have it are some of the best out there.

This ink cartridge can print laser-quality pages because of the ink they work with. These cartridge are filled with pigmented ink, which lasts longer, dries faster and has a better glow to it. You could also refill this cartridge with dyed ink you could find at any printer store. Dyed inks are used to refill canon, lexmark and HP cartridges.

The HP 54 black cartridge can be refilled with 8ml of ink, which you can learn how to apply by reading the following procedure.

We recommend you refill this ink cartridge as soon as it runs out, or else it could stop working at all and we wouldn’t be able to refill it anymore.

How to fix the 6a00 error message in canon ip4300 printers

Canon printers are very compact in general, and their manufacturers tend to include several functions that turn out to be very convenient. Unfortunately, some of these modern developments end up causing errors in our printers, usually related to the ink injection process.

This particular malfunction usually show up on canon ip 4300 printers and is caused by the 6a00 error, which tells us the print head clear may have become stuck.

Reset for the canon pixma mp520 printer

This procedure will help you restore your canon pixma mp520 printer. This time, we’re doing it by pressing a series of buttons on the printer, so you won’t need to install any drivers or software to do it. We recommend you follow these steps just as we’ve described them for you in this post.

The canon pixma mp520 printer is an all-in-one device, and is as versatile as the rest of the models in the canon np nseries. It has photographic print quality and great functions for domestic use.

This printer can also be used in small and medium businesses. It prints up to 20 pages per minute and can copy up to 30 per minute as well. The scanner on this printer has a 2400 ppp resolution, and is compatible with windows and mac operating systems.

The procedure to restore this printer is the following:

Step #1:
First, turn your printer off using the on/off button located on the main panel.

Step #1:
here’s where things get a bit more difficult. You will need to press and hold four (4) buttons on your printer at the same time. Here’s the order in which you must press them.

1. Press the black copy button.
2. Then, press the stop/reset one.
3. Press the ok button.
4. Finally, press the on button.

The next picture may also be of help, so please take a look at it. Keep in mind you have to do this simultaneously.

How to get rid of the full waste ink pad error message on canon mp360 printers

When we talk about the canon mp360 printer, we talk about a device with good overall functioning and great performance, especially because of its compact design. You can print, copy and scan, all at the same time, on this printer.

This particular device can print up to 18 black-and-white pages per minute due to its high-speed performance, caused by the 2.0 usb cable it works with. It’s compatible with windowsxp (service pack 1) and windows 2000 (service pack 4). The canon mp360 printer can work with many different page sizes, such as letter, legal, A4, A5, 4 "x 6", 5 "x 7", USA. # 10 and envelope. You can also copy up to 18 pages per minute and make seamless copies.

However, the page counter on these printers needs to be restored after you’ve printed a large amount of pages. This program will cause an error message and say the waste ink pads in your printer are now full, which is a common situation when you’ve worked with these printers a lot. Everything needs to come to an end, at some point.

After you’ve printed many pages with your canon mp360 printer, the printer itself will tell you it needs to have all the ink pad absorbers in it changed, or that you need to take it in for official tech support. In most cases, we either aren’t close enough to the company, or simply lack the money or time to do this. Fortunately, on this post you’ll learn how to solve this error message when it appears on your printer. Just follow the steps ahead if this is what you want.

How to photocopy in canon mp series printers

When you’re working with a canon mp series printer, there are plenty of copy options on it. You can perform regular A4 copies up to high-resolution photographic copies. You may also do enlarged or reduced versions of the original document, as well as create seamless copies using these printers.

Normal or A4 copies:

This printer will take any of the following paper sizes:
4" x 6"/10 x 15 cm; 4" x 8"/101,6 x 203,2 mm; 5" x 7"/13 x 18 cm o 2,16" x 3,58"/55,0 x 91,0.

You must organize the sheets before loading them on the printer, for which we recommend you align the margins of the paper tray to be able to introduce them properly. Now please look at the next picture.
organize the paper
organize the paper
Before you begin, you must make sure the paper tray is loaded with a few pages. This main paper tray is located on the top of the printer.

Once the process is finished, remember to remove all the pages from the tray and close the access gate, since many foreign objects may enter the printer through it and cause paper jams that damage your printer. Click here to read our post regarding paper jams in canon printers.

How to restore the epson stylus photo tx700w printer

The epson stylus multifunction photo tx700w has arrived to Latin America as printer made to help photographers. You can obtain the best photo printing quality with this printer, with prints that dry almost immediately. This printer also includes the high-definition photographic ink.

This printer works perfectly via wifi, and has two trays where you can place both regular and photographic paper without changing the kind of paper in them.

As you may already know, we always recommend you use epson printers that have continuous ink systems installed in them. We’re familiar with these ink cartridges, and know they lack all inner sponges, which are the best kind of cartridge for CISS. The cartridges on this printer are one of the best ones out there, and can reach a resolution of  5760x1440 dpi.

This printer will allow you to print using several different sizes of paper, such as letter; legal (21,6x35,6cm); A4, B5, A5, A6; report; executive: half-letter: user-defined at 8,9cm a 111,7cm (3.5" a 44"); and #10, DL, and C6BorderFree envelopes in 10x15cm (4"x6"), 12 x 17 (5"x7") 20 x 25cm (8"x10") respectively.

This printer carries a scanner that can reach óptical resolution and a maximum of X. Also, this printer is compatible with the following operating systems: windows vista; windows xp; windows xp professional x64 and 2000, macintosh USB; macintosh os x 10.3.9, 10.4.11 and 10.5.x.

How to refill the HP 45 black ink cartridge

We could say this is one of the best cartridges HP has ever made, and we dare say this because of the many different qualities we’re about to tell you. First of all, this cartridge works with pigmented ink.

This type of ink grants the cartridge laser print quality, is much more resistant to humidity, and the prints stand the test of time way better than others. These cartridges also have an unique quality that allows them to perform prints of 600x600ppp.

This cartridge can make HP deskjet, photosmart, designjet and officejet series their ultimate printing quality, and is also compatible with the largest listing of printer models ever, such as: HP deskjet 712, 720, 722, 820, 830, 832, 850, 855, 870, 880, 882, 890, 895, 930, 932, 935, 950, 952, 960, 970, 990, 995, 1100, 1120, 1180, 1220, 1280, 1600, 6122, 6127 and 9300; HP inkjet 1220 fax; HP officejet g55, g85, g95, k60,k80, r40, r60, r80, t45 and t65; HP officejet pro 1150c, 1170c and 1175c; HP photosmart 115, 1215, 1218, 1315, p1000 and p1100; HP designjet 700, 750c, 750c plus and 755cm; and HP 110, 120, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 170, 180, 190, 210, 260, 270, 280 y 290 color copiers.

Another great trait of this ink cartridge is the page yield. The HP 45 black cartridge can yield up to 930 standard-size pages. In order to refill this ink cartridge, you will need to fill a syringe with 30ml of ink and add all off it into the cartridge.

How to refill the HP 41 tricolor ink cartridge

The HP 41 inkjet tricolor ink cartridge (5161a) can be refilled very easily, and we’re about to to show you how to do this procedure at your own home. You should know this is a very good ink cartridge, and ihat it will make colors look very well on any documents you want to print.

Usually, you can achieve very good printing quality with these ink cartridges on regular A4-sized paper sheets, the same kind of paper you can buy at a normal office supply store. The Hp 41 tricolor ink cartridge yields up to 400 pages, and we estimate they can be refilled up to five (5) times.

Also, damaging their print heads is a very difficult thing to do, due to their resistant interior design. You can refill this cartridge with dyed or pigmented inks, but the new ones are filled with dyed ink, which you can buy at any printer shop. You can use this same kind of ink on HP, canon and lexmark cartridges.

Please remember you can contact us anytime you’re going to refill an ink cartridge; we will be happy to help you. This cartridge is compatible with the following printer models: HP deskjet 1000c, 870c, 855c, 830c, and 820c series; HP officejet pro 1150c; HP color copier 110 and 120; and HP color copier 160.

These are the things you’ll need to refill your HP 41 tricolor ink cartridge:

1. Three (3) ink colors.
2. One syringe ffor every ink color. Do not use the same syringe for more than one or all of them.
3. Also, you will need a few plugs like the ones in the next picture. If you can’t find them, we recommend you seal the cartridges with a little bit of hot silicone. This can be removed in the future.

How to refill the HP 40 black ink cartridge

The HP 40 black ink cartridge is one of the few high capacity cartridges, and it yields up to 500 top quality pages. This particular cartridge owes its printing quality to the pigmented ink it’s filled with.

This type of ink provides better printing quality on the sheets, since its components include many different dyes. You can read more information about pigmented inks in the following post.

As we were saying, this ink cartridge was created in the HP golden ages, and can’t be damaged as easily as other cartridge, Also, it lacks the inner sponge other cartridges have installed in them, and instead it has a small bag that contains all the ink.

This is particularly helpful if you want to refill your cartridge. Additionally, it’s very hard to damage the print heads on them. We recommend you refill this ink cartridge before it runs out of ink to avoid having any problems with the electronic circuit in it.

The HP 40 black ink cartridge is compatible with the following printer models: HP deskjet 1200; HP designjet 230, 250, 330, 350, 430, 450, 455, 488 and 650; and HP Copyjet and Copyjet M. The printing cost per page is very low, and you can just imagine how much more you could lower it by refilling this ink cartridge.

Even when this cartridge works with pigmented inks, you can also refill it with dyed inks. However, the pigmented one will resist discoloration and water exposure better than the dyed ones; it will also be more dense and have higher quality.

Refill procedure for the HP 40 black ink cartridge:

Before starting, please put your ink cartridge on a piece of black cloth, and preferably on top of a flat surface you can clean easily, just to avoid making a mess.

How to align HP 60 ink cartridges installed in HP F4480 printers

Aligning your ink cartridges is a very important tool to know how to use, since it can solve several different printing errors on your printer, such as lines on the sheets, the use of an improper ink color for a document or picture, and/or blurry prints.

This is a very simple procedure if you’ve already installed the HP solution center program, created to configure your printer. Another program is usually installed along with your printer, and it allows you to customize and modify certain aspects of it, such as paper size and printer color selection among many others.

You can usually access all these options by entering your printer’s configuration, which you can learn how to do by following the steps we’re about to explain you. If you need any help with this, please contact us.

Even when you already have this default program installed on your computer, you will also need to get an extra piece of software called HP solution center. However, if you’ve installed your printer’s drivers with the original CD it came with, you will not need to look for it online, since it’s already been installed with everything else.

How to reset the Epson Stylus Photo R360 printer

El R360 de Epson es una impresora de fotos con funciones de impresión CDR / DVD. Esta impresora puede imprimir directamente en CD / DVD con la bandeja especial suministrada.

Estas impresoras cuentan con EPSON Creativity Suite lo cual es un grupo de programas que sirven para escanear, guardar, administrar, editar e imprimir imágenes.

Utiliza 6 cartuchos de tinta para impresion fotográfica hemos conseguido por ahi el reseteador para cuando estas impresoras se bloquee podamos realizar el desbloqueo siguiendo el siguiente procedimiento.
reset Epson Stylus Photo R360
Epson Stylus Photo R360
Step #1:
In order to execute this restoring procedure on your printer, you must download a file and run it in your computer. We will not be held accountable for whatever harm this program can cause on your computer. If you choose to proceed with this procedure, you will be the only one responsible for anything that may happen on your computer and printer.

This post has been updated due to user requests. The original file uploaded to google drive can’t be shared anymore on that platform, so we’ve uploaded it to msn skydive. You’ll be able to find the link to this file at the very bottom of this entry. Thank you for your comments

How to print without borders on canon printers

Occasionally, we need to get rid of all the borders on our prints, whether it’s because we don’t want to see the borders on it, or because we need to delete the borders on the particular document we’re about to print.

Even if you make the document larger than it originally is and try to print it this way, you won’t be able to achieve a borderless print because your printing program has been configured to show every border. This option has been preset on your printer.

This is why we created this post, which we’ve extracted from the canon printer user manual. If you have the installation manual with you, we recommend you read it; printer manufacturers always include useful information that could help you use your printer in a better way.

When we talk about border or borderless printing, we’re referring to prints that look like the ones depicted in the following pictures. The first one has been printed with borders, and the second one without.
example of image with and without edges
example of image with and without edges

The configuration procedure for borderless printing is the following:

Please keep in mind you must have already installed the corresponding drivers, and also to know a little bit about how to manipulate the way they function. Step #1: The first step is to open the printer’s settings to select the borderless printing option. You can locate this option on the page layout menu.

How to solve the u041 error message on canon printers

In order to get rid of this error message, you will need to restore your printer. Please keep in mind that whenever you restore one of these devices it may change numbers on your computer. This particular solution is a very simple one, but you can always contact us by posting a comment in the section below this post if you have any problems with this procedure.

This error usually shows up when the ink cartridges haven’t been installed properly, or when the contacts on them are dirty. You should also know this error message appears on canon printer models created more than 3 years ago.

The solution to this problem can be summarized in three steps.

Procedure for solving the u041 error message on canon printers:
Step #1:
First of all, turn your printer off. You won’t need to disconnect the power cable this time.

Step #2:
Now that the printer’s off, please press and hold the ok and stop/reset buttons on it simultaneously. The stop/reset button key can be found on the lower-left side of the panel.

Step #3:
While keeping both buttons pressed down, turn your printer on. You will now be able to see the printer restore itself.

After this last procedure has finished, we recommend you install the ink cartridges on the printer as we’re about to show you. If the u041 error is being caused by some malfunction in your ink cartridges, this should get rid of it.

How to restore the epson stylus tx140 printer

The epson stylus tx140 model can photocopy and print documents and pictures. It’s one of the best multifunction printers in the market, and can print laser quality documents thanks to its durable ink.

It works with four (4) individual ink cartridges, which gives you the advantage of changing any one of them when necessary. This printer can produce up to 34 pages per minute with the black ink cartridge, and you can use it to print your pictures directly from your camera or memory card.

It’s compatible with multiple operating systems, such as windows 2000, windowsxp, windowsxp professional x64 edition, windows vista, macintosh usb, macintosh os x 10.3.9, 10.4.x and 10.5.x. You can load up to 120 sheets in the paper tray.

This printer model works with the following epson ink cartridges:
73n black
73hn black (high capacity)
73n cyan
73n magenta
73n yellow.

These printers are one of the best candidates for CISS -continuous ink system- installation. As you may know by now, these ink cartridges lack the inner sponge some other have, and that makes them suitable for this ink system. These cartridges are also very easily restored and have very high printing quality, which also contributes to the continuous ink system.

However, using this printer for work purposes can fill up the ink deposits, a set of sponges that absorb all the ink residues from our printing jobs. This will show up on many printers and will force you to restore it back to factory settings. This is the main reason why we’ve created this post.

How to unlock a samsung ml-1640 laser printer

The samsung ml-1640 printer has been made to fit in modern offices. Its modern size takes up very little room and leaves a lot of space for other office appliances.

We usually recommend it if you want to save on toner, since it uses 30% less product in the saving printing mode, and still shows good printing quality on your paper sheets. It’s also very easy to use, and you can add pages or install toner cartridges in it without having any problems.

This printer is compatible with several different operating system, such as windows, a few linux versions, and the mac 10.3-10.5 ones. It’s very resistant and can yield up to 5,000 pages a month.

Unfortunately, this printer can become located, whether it’s because you’ve refilled its toner cartridge, or because some part of the printing process is not working as well as it should. This is why we’ve created this post where we’ll show how you how to unlock it. Personally, we recommend you buy this product because it’s a great monochrome printer, even if it’s not being manufactured anymore.

How to restore the HP laserjet m1522nf printer

The hp laserjet m1522 mfp series have outstanding performance due to the  multiple tasks it comes with: printing, copying and scanning. This printer work with the 36a toner cartridge that yields up to 2,000 A4 pages, and can print up to 24 letter-sized sheets per minute. It also carries a USB cable with 2.0 speed, and a flat surface scanner.

Restoring this printer will reset all the functions in it, so you can solve most use-related errors and delete all passwords set on the printer by this procedure on it. It’s very easy and simple to do.

You should take into account that the printer’s name may vary in your computer: it will maintain its main model name and number, but it’ll be followed by the words “copy 1” at the very end.

Also, you must check there is actually an error message on your printer before restoring it. If there is one, then proceed with this cold reset.

How to clean the paper rollers on your canon printer

When we install a continuous ink system on our canon printers, and leave the ink tanks misplaced or in a higher angle than the actual ink cartridges, we usually see some ink bleeding from the tanks and land on the paper feeding rollers.

The paper sheets go through these rollers before coming out of the printer, so we could even say these rollers are responsible for transporting the sheets from one side to the other. If these rollers get dirty, the pages will also come out dirty and have a permanent streak of lines printed on the sheets, even if the ink cartridges aren’t releasing ink anymore. The following picture will show you how these rollers look.
presenting printer printing rollers
presenting printer printing rollers
These rollers must be clean at all times, since the pages will be expulsed by them. The canon brand is well aware of this complication, so they have created a small tool to clean these rollers without having to get your hands in the printer.

You can use this tool by accessing your printer’s printer properties menu. On this menu you will also be able to notice the great interface canon has added to their printers. 

How to clean the print heads on your canon printer

If the pages you’re printing come out blurry or covered in stripes, and you’re using a canon printer that works with the 210 and 211 ink cartridges, the time has come to clean the print heads on your cartridges. Having them cleaned will improve and clarify your print, taking you back to the original print quality and cleanliness of your sheets.

We usually think our ink cartridges have become damaged when we begin to notice straight lines on the pages we print, but it’s nto always the case.

If your ink cartridges have started printing lines on top of your documents, it could mean the cartridges are running low on ink. If you wish to learn how to refill the canon 210 and 211 ink cartridges, please visit the following posts.

Another possible cause for this problem is that the ink cartridges have actually burned out and damaged the contacts on them. If this is your case, please read the following post to learn how to take care of these contacts. This will only work in the present, since there is no way of repairing the contacts once they’ve become damaged.

Cleaning the print heads on your printer will help the cartridges clean their own injectors. It will also help remove all the ink residues in the cartridge and contribute to overall ink flow. Please avoid cleaning them too often, or the ink that flows from the cartridge will get stuck in the ink pads.

How to install a continuous ink system on canon pixma ip2702 printers

This printer is one of the best home-use devices out there thanks to the japanese FINE 210 and 211 ink cartridges it works with. Since these ink cartridges hold a lot of ink in them, they’re usually chosen for CISS printing.

Continuous ink systems have revolutionized print savings, offering a large amount of printed pages for a relatively low cost in comparison to having to buy new ink cartridges every single time. This is what many customers have been looking for.

We recommend you use this printer only at home, and that you avoid printing large quantities of documents with it. This is not a multifunction printer and you will only be able to print with it.

The fact that it has a single task makes the entire system more effective: the simpler the printer, the fewer the problems it will have. A canon pixma ip2702 printer won’t have as many issues as other CISS printers, and you will be able to print many pages with it without having any issues.

How to fix the 5 E5 error message in canon pixma mp140 printers

In most cases, this error will show up when your canon printer stops recognizing the ink cartridges installed in it. This can mean the ink cartridges are not properly attached to the printer’s contacts, or that all the contacts on the printer and cartridge have become dirty.

If this is your case, please visit the following post and clean the cartridges and/or contacts as instructed in it. However, cleaning these parts may or may not solve your problem.

Now, if this procedure doesn’t anything, please proceed to restore your printer to eradicate the E5 error from your printer. We will show you several different ways of doing this, just in case one of them doesn’t work out for you.

How to restore the samsung scx 4300 printer

We will now tell you about a particular samsung monochrome printer that is known for its high page yield, ideal for small businesses and offices. It can print up to 18 A4 pages per minute and, since it’s a multifunction printer, it can print, scan and copy.

As usual, we can count on samsung’s high quality products. This is one of the smallest multifuncti n laser printers in the market, and can be made to fit in any office or workplace.

Unfortunately, as manufacturers evolve and move forward, so do the techniques they use to keep us from refilling toner or ink cartridges to save a bit of money in printer accessories.

Samsung also takes part in this new trend, and has installed chips inside the toner cartridges that make them burn completely as soon as they run out of ink.

However, we’ve managed to discover the page counter used on samsung scx 4300 and have decided to share it with all of you. Please read the entire procedure, and remember you can contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post if something goes wrong.

The p07 error message in canon pixma mp280 printers - full waste ink pads

The p07 error code in canon pixma mp280 printers, also known as the full waste ink pads one, means the printer has already done all the prints it could with the set of waste ink pads installed inside it. This error message is more common among printers with continuous ink systems, since these kinds of printers demands more ink absorbers for their own efficiency needs.

What canon is trying to do with this error is keeping the printer’s residues from reaching the motherboard and causing damage. Getting it wet with ink can produce short circuits and many more electrical mishaps, just as it would on any other piece of hardware. This will stop you from printing until you take the printer to a proper maintenance center.

Now we will show you how to restore your canon pixma mp280 printer to get rid of this error message. This post also includes a download link to a restore software.

Before you do anything else:

Turn off every printer attached to the computer, including this one. After turning it off, please disconnect both the USb and power cables from it. Then, press and hold the stop/reset button, and while it’s pushed down, press the on/off button again. After this, you must press the stop/reset button five times in a row to access your printer’s service mode.

How to solve the h4 subcode 00 error message on sharp AL-2030 copiers

Usually, this error message appears on sharp copiers when the fusers are overheating. When this happens, please adjust your printer’s position and separate it at least 50cm (20 inches) from any wall or border it may have been standing next to; leaving it in the same original position could cause some serious damage.

If you look at these copiers’ backside, most of them have ventilators where a small fan pushes all the hot air created by the fuser. This vapor comes directly from the fuser unit.

We recommend you keep your copier fresh and ventilated at all times. Even when they need a bit of heat to set the letters and pictures on paper, too much heat can compromise the head detectors and cause the h4-00 error message. Please keep in mind your printer could just say “h4” on screen, but that it’s usually accompanied by the 00 subcode.

You can see all the error codes by pressing the star key, the same one you push to make a copy on it. If you look this error code, please add the subcode as well, since some error messages have many different subcodes attached to it. This is the star copy on your printer.
start button on these printers
start button on these printers
Now that you’ve identified the subcode and are made sure it’s actually the h4-00 error message, you may proceed to eradicating it from your copier. Please read this entire procedure attentively.

How to refill the refill the HP 40 black ink cartridge

The HP 40 black ink cartridge was made during the HP golden ages: it has very high printing quality and usually doesn’t cause any trouble for long periods of time. It also yields approximately 400 pages, but you can get almost the same amount of pages from it after it’s been refilled.

This cartridge works with pigmented ink, but you could also use dyed inks in it. However, the pigmented ink will guarantee the best print quality and durability, as also happens with laserjet printers. Please click here to learn the differences between dyed and pigmented inks.

These ink cartridges are refilled using the same procedure that’s applied on HP 15, 40, 45 and 50 ink cartridges. The HP 40 black ink cartridge is compatible with the following printer models: HP deskjet 1200; HP designjet 230, 250, 330, 350, 430, 450, 455, 488 and 650; and HP Copyjet and Copyjet M. Refilling these ink cartridges is very simple, but you must be very careful and try to keep the syringe straight at all times to avoid piercing the bag inside the cartridge.

The interior of this ink cartridge is usually well kept, since they have paper sacks inside it that act as ink container. They don’t have any sponges inside them, so there’s no chance of damaging them. However, if you leave the ink cartridge empty for a long time, you may harm it and shorten its worklife. If you’ve already done this, please read the following post to learn how to clean your ink cartridges and how to unclog them at home.

How to remove printer cartridge ink from your hands

It’s a bit cruel having to leave the office with both hands covered in ink. If we try to say hello to a friend, he’ll mock us and ask “Are you a mechanic?”. As usual, we’re honored to share our secrets for removing these stains, which can stay on our hands for up to three days.

Our first recommendation is that you buy latex gloves for the next occasion, and avoid having to remove these difficult stains in the first place. Here’s a picture of latex gloves.
gloves to protect your hands in ink
gloves to protect your hands in ink
These gloves will keep your hands ink free in the future. We imagine you’re reading this post because your hands are already covered in ink, so here are some other solutions you can make using ingredients from your own home.

Usually, printer cartridge ink is about 80% water, the same kind we used for refilling the cartridges. The other 20% is divided in 17% of a quick dry agent, and 3% of another component that keeps the ink from drying up completely; the amounts are all estimates.

This, of course, is a huge advantage for us, since we only need to wash our hands immediately to get them clean.

We don’t recommend you use towels or napkins for this because it will only make the cleaning process more difficult. The more water you use on your hands, the higher the chance of removing the drying agents we mentioned, which act up as soon as they come in contact with air.

How to restore the cylinder on sharp AL-2030, AL-2040CS and AL-2050CS copiers

Traditionally, sharp copier cylinders yielded up to 15,000 copies. However, it seems the manufacturers no longer deem this amount of copies convenient, so they’re forcing us to change the cylinders much sooner than before.

As printer owners, we think these cylinders are extremely expensive, and we need to use the one we have until the very end to save some money and avoid buying a new one.

In order to do this, we must restore the cylinder in our copier to get 15,000 more copies out of it. This post was created to show you how to solve this problem step by step.

The cylinder replacement error message will show up on our sharp copier’s screen with this logo, telling us we need to change the one installed in it. The following procedure will show you how to eradicate this error code from all your sharp copiers.

How to solve the missing .inf file error message on a shared printer

There are many similar error messages that may show up when we’re installing a set of printer drivers, such as missing files and documents. After this error message appears, we open the file where the drivers are saved, and realize the missing files are actually in it. This particular error message usually shows up when we’re trying to share a single printer among several computers.

Sharing a printer consists in having a printer available for use on many different computers. If you wish to learn how to install the same printer on two or more computers, please visit the following post.

In order to avoid any problems when sharing a printer, you will need to install it on a single network and use it on all computers, as well as installing the same operating system and version on all of them. If you don’t know what operating system you’re using and what to know how to get it, please read the next post. What you really need is to make sure all your computers are using the same bitrate on their operating systems.

How to download a set of printer drivers from the HP website

Most people aren’t really conservative when it comes to keeping every little thing the printer box brings, and more often than not the original installation CD becomes lost, or can’t be found anywhere. These are very common situations, so our printer’s drivers are usually misplaced, regardless of the brand or model. This also happens with HP, one of the most sold brand in Latin America -this is not official data- because of their low prices and high quality.

These printers’ drivers get lost all the time, and some people are forced to call a technician to have them installed. Obviously, this involves spending a bit of money, but we’ve created this post to help you download and install the drivers on any printer.

Please follow all the steps described ahead in a very strict manner to guarantee the best results and overall functioning. Remember: if you have any issues with the information in this post, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How to restore the cylinder and blade inside the sharp AL-2031 and AL-2041 copiers

These brand new sharp AL-2031 and AL-2041 copiers, created for small businesses, work very similarly to the sharp AL-2030/2040 cs ones, and have exactly the same page yield as they do. However, printer manufacturers make things more and more difficult with us as time goes by, and it’s very hard for us to save some money on modern printer models.

This also happens on every copier that works with toner cartridges with chips inside them. If you have this particular problem, please read our post to learn how to restore the sharp AL-2021 copier.

We’re also starting noticing that the cylinders inside these copiers tend to cause more and more problems with the passing of days, and that the restoring codes for them have changed on the most modern sharp copier models. As we can recall, these cylinders used to yield up to 15,000 pages.

Unfortunately, this is no longer true, and you would need to buy a new cylinder every single time one of them becomes damaged. Once you’ve read this post, you’ll be able to produce about 18,000 copies thanks to the following restoring method.

How to restore the ink level monitors in HP designjet 90 printers

The HP designjet 90 printer works with HP 85 vivera ink cartridges, which come in the following colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta. These, however, are very expensive, and can cost up to $50 a piece. Fortunately, we know of a way that can help you save some money.

This printer’s resolution is of 2400x1200 dpi and works specifically with paper sheets that measure 19.5x11.9. Also, it’s known to have one of the best printing qualities out there.

This same tutorial can be applied on every printer of this series, including the HP designjet 90/90r/90pg models.

All this great features are included in the printer, but you should also take into account you can’t just refilled HP ink cartridges and have their printers work with them as if they were brand new.

The different components of a continuous ink system

Personally, I’ve always thought it’s very important to know the proper names of every part and component I work with; this, of course, helps with everyday work. Nowadays, continuous ink systems are being sold and used all over the world, mainly on canon printers, and we’ve even created a post that teaches you how to install a CISS on a canon mp280 printer.

In this post, we’ll do everything in our power to give you all the information we have on the different parts of a continuous ink system, and how they work. This will stay on our blog to help people identify specific spares and components that may become damaged any given day.

Continuous ink systems are, in essence, a modification or adaptation you can install on your printer to save more money on your prints.

As you may already know, CISS allow you to refill them very easily and whenever you want to. Their ink tanks act as ink deposits, and you’re able to see exactly how much ink is left inside them. Depending, of course on how good the continuous ink system is, our printer will look better or worse, and it will make your printer last more or less time.

You should take some necessary precautions to avoid getting it damaged and having any installation malfunctions. One of the main precepts you should follow is to avoid leaving the ink tanks run empty.

How to restore the HP deskjet 2050 printer

The HP deskjet 2050 printer has some of the best features found in domestic printers, and can take on copying, scanning and printing tasks.

The only disadvantage of this particular model is the page yield of their ink cartridges. Unfortunately, they work with HP 122 ink cartridges, which produce very few sheets and aren’t the easiest one to refill.

If you wish to learn more about them, please read our post regarding the true secret behind the HP 122 ink cartridges. However, our printers will always need to be restored after we’ve refilled their ink cartridges after a few times, or simply after using them for a very long while. Restoring them will help them get back to work.

How to solve the B200 error message in canon printers

In most cases, this particular error code shows up when we make the printer work on several documents at a time. You should know this is a very common and normal situation on printers: the heat sensor installed in them measures the temperature of the print heads, which have to heat up to make the ink come out. This is what helps the ink be set on the paper sheet and produce a print.

If, however, your print heads overheat, this error message will appear on screen. Here we will show you two different solutions for this problem, a simple and a more complex one. The first solution is the easiest one to apply, but they’re both related to each other and either of them can solve this issue.

The first possible solution: you will need to remove the ink cartridges from the printer for an hour, turn the printer off and move the entire ink cartridge carriage to the center. Once this has been done, please disconnect the printer’s power cable.

How to use your HP 4500 printer via wifi

Nowadays, many things are changing. We now need to configure our printers to make them print via wifi. Fortunately for us, most printer brands have installed this option on domestic and business printers alike, and it seems we’re getting closer and closer to stop using printer cables at all.

This is why we need to tell you how to configure your HP 4500 printer to make it print via wireless or wifi network.

HP 4500 printer is the latest HP model sold in Latin America, and it’s known for its high page yield. However, some customers have mentioned HP has removed a try from the top of the printer from the Latin American model, and that the same tray is only included in US versions of the product.

Apparently, this is why there’s a bit of extra space next to the scanner, but this is only a minor issue and we will continue to purchase these product regardless.
hp 4500 united states
hp 4500 united states
In order to connect your printer to a wireless or wifi network, you will need a fully functional router and a bit of experience.

How to restore the HP f4180 printer

The HP f4180 multifunction printer is one of the best of its kind, and it’s known for its great at-home use. This printer was created during the HP golden age, andis meant to endure thanks to the HP 21 and HP 22 ink cartridges it works with, giving it a relatively high page yield.

However, this printer can cause a bit of trouble if we try to install a refilled ink cartridge in it. You will be able to tell something is wrong with your HP printer when the LED indicator starts blinking constantly.

There are many different ways of solving this problem, but the one we recommend the most is restoring your printer back to its original factory settings, which you can achieve in about 10 minutes. We also suggest you read these posts before proceeding with this tutorial:

Please remember this tutorial may or may not work for you, and that you could obtain different results than the ones in this tutorial. If this is the case, please contact us by posting a comment in the section below this post  and we will help you out.

We treat every comment as a personal commitment and an obligation we have with you; we promise we’ll answer each and every one of them.

How to restore the HP f4180 printer back to factory settings:

First of all, take a look at the contacts on your ink cartridges. If they’re dirty or covered in ink, they could be the ones causing all this trouble. If this is the case, please read our post regarding how to clean ink cartridges.

However, if this problem persists after you’ve cleaned them, you should restore the entire printer back to its original factory settings to solve it.

How to check the ink levels on my HP officejet 5600 printer

Monitoring the ink levels on your printer is very important, since some of them can stop working when they reach the lowest ones. If you’re using brand new, original ink cartridges and never refill them, your printer will keep track of the ink levels itself and it will show you how much ink is left in them every single time you print a document.

Now, there’s something you must keep in mind at all times: this ink monitoring tool is not exact and precise, and it will only help you organize your ink purchases.

If you’ve already installed a refilled ink cartridge in your printer, it will usually say it’s empty and will refuse to print until you’ve replaced it. If you want to learn more about this, please read our post regarding ink cartridges and what to do when the printer says they’re empty.

This post will offer you a solution for the HP officejet 5600 printer, but can also be used on any HP printer that was made around the same time and that works with the HP solution center program.

Procedure to monitor the ink levels on the HP officejet 5600 printer:

In this first tutorial, we will show you how to learn how much ink is left in your cartridges by using a program that complements your own printer’s drivers. This piece of software is called HP solution center, and acts directly on the printer’s own interface, which is in charge of printing, scanning and copying documents.

How to configure your printer for quick draft printing

There are many different reasons why we decided to create this quick draft tutorial. One of the strongest ones is, of course, saving you and us some money, which can certainly be accomplished by configuring your printer in this particular way, since the printer will spend about 30% less ink than usual.

However, you must keep in mind your printing quality will go down about the same percentage, and your printer could jam paper much more often.

We strongly recommend you keep from using this configuration in printers that are working with refilled ink cartridges, since they already diminish page yield and printing quality on their own. You should also make sure you’re using the proper type of ink for your ink cartridges, since they’re usually working with the wrong one.

If you wish to learn the differences between dyed and pigmented inks, please click on this link to read the post we’ve created about them. You could still choose to print in quick draft mode after refilling your ink cartridges, but you must refill them with the adequate ink type.

Some other features you should consider when setting your printer in quick draft mode to save ink is to print in Grayscale only. We do recommend you use this option on your own printer, but please avoid printing colorful images or documents with it.

How to refill HP 932 K-BK and HP 933 M-C-Y ink cartridges

First of all, you should know both the HP officejet 6100 and the HP officejet 6600 models are compatible with the following cartridges: HP 932 black CN057AN one (regular size); the HP HP 932 black CN053AN one (extra-large version); the HP 933 magenta/cyan/yellow  CN058AN, CN059AN and CN060AN models (regular size); and the HP 933 magenta/cyan/yellow CN054AN, CN055AN and CN056AN ones (extra-large version), respectively.

These modern printers are one of the last HP models that cover all sorts of business and office printing needs. Their ink cartridges yield a bit more pages than previous models, which were create for home use and worked with cheap, money-saving ink cartridges.

However, each cartridges shape and system is different, and they now work with a single ink color. They also lack inner sponges and have an integrated print head.

Refill procedure for these HP ink cartridges:

Since these particular ones are different than the previous models, we needed to create a new way of refilling them.

In order to refill the properly, you will need the following tools:
1. A small syringe.
2. A funnel or cone that fits the ink injection site.

We recommend you use a new glue dispenser, the small tip that can be found on regular liquid glue containers. Always use a new one to avoid clogging your ink cartridge with dry glue residues that may be inside it.
piece to fill ink cartridge
piece to fill ink cartridge
This is the small funnel you should use for this process, but you can replace it with any other tool or utensil that fulfills the same task of keeping the needle from piercing the ink pockets inside the cartridges.

How to install a continuous ink system on canon MP280 printers

We’ve decided to start publishing this kind of posts using this printer. If you need more information regarding these ink systems, please search around our blog using the continuous ink system tag.

Nowadays, canon printers are known to be the best inner sponge printers to install a CISS on. What really makes them this good is the endurance of their ink cartridges, since they can hold up a lot of ink without becoming damaged and also keep it from reaching the print heads. Overall, the success rate of a continuous ink system lies on the kind of ink you’re using on it.

If you wish to install a CISS on your printer, please use silicone hoses. These are very flexible and will allow your ink cartridge carriage to move freely inside the printer, as well as contribute to general ink circulation.
this is what a continous ink system for canon printers looks like
this is what a continous ink system for canon printers looks like

Here are the ingredients you will need to install a continuous ink system in your canon MP280 printer:

1. A canon MP280 printer, of course.
2. Both the canon 210 and 211 ink cartridges. We recommend you get new ink cartridges for this installation procedure and, once these are damaged, to purchase new XL ink cartridges. The XL ones will work for a longer time and yield many more pages than the regular sized ones.
3. You will also need bleeders for the canon 210 and 211 ink cartridges. The next picture will show you how these bleeders look like.
4. A drill bit will also be needed in order to pierce the ink cartridge and get the CISS hoses attached to it. Please take a look at the following picture.
Ink extractor
Ink extractor
This is the drill bit you’ll need to pierce the ink cartridges on your canon printer.
drill for ink cartridge
drill for ink cartridge
Now, we will show you where to connect the CISS hoses to your canon ink cartridges. We suggest you take the same hose contacts to the hardware store so they can help you find the proper drill bit for you, even if you can’t provide an exact measurement for them.

Having the correct drill bit for this procedure will make the installation process very simple and avoid air coming out of the cartridges.
cartridges and plugs system hoses
cartridges and plugs system hoses
- Then, you will need a continuous ink system created for canon printers with four (4) ink colors. Most of the time, CISS come with all the accessories they need, as is shown in the previous picture. However, here are some tools that usually aren’t included in the continuous ink system pack.

- Finally, you will need dyed or water-based ink. If you can’t find it, then use pigmented inks for this installation process. If you wish to learn the differences between dyed and pigmented inks, please click on this link. Keep in mind these ink systems work with about four (4) ounces of ink.

Please read this entire post slowly and attentively, just to save yourself any confusions or misunderstandings. You should also know we can’t guarantee this procedure will work smoothly on your printer, so if something goes wrong, let us know by leaving a comment in the section below this post.

CISS installation procedure for canon printers:

Remember you must follow these steps just as we’re describing them on this post. First of all, place the ink cartridges and all the continuous ink system’s accessories somewhere you don’t mind covering with ink. You should also be wearing gloves to keep yourself clean, and use a piece of dark cloth to clean any amount of ink 

Step #1:
Please check your ink cartridges aren’t clogged with ink before installing this CISS on your printer. These systems are usually installed in brand new printers, so just make sure the ink cartridges and print heads are working properly, and that the print quality is still satisfactory for you.

You can have this checked by your own printer by having it make a few test sheets. Use the printer’s own user manual to install this feature and use it for the first time. 

How to get rid of paper jams in HP 4500 printers

Nowadays, printers seem to be more fragile than usual, and we think it’s related to the low cost of raw materials and their quality. However, printer brands seem to be willing to continue producing the same printers, just with lesser quality standards.

Many HP 4500 printers come into our workshop with the same problems: print heads banging the printer walls, the printers saying the ink cartridges are empty when they have just been refilled and paper jams, among others.

This is why we’ve decided to offer a solution for one of those common issues in this printer, the paper jam. So far, we’ve identified two different causes for this problem.

The first cause refers to regular paper jams, and the second one to a specific technical flaw in HP 4500 printers, which is related to the poor quality of their raw materials.

How to avoid paper jams:

Before we get to the actual solutions, let us give you a few recommendations about how to avoid paper jams in most HP printers. In order to do this, you must be familiar with the entire ink injection and printing process. This particular one will need a bit of help, both from you as from the printer itself.

How to refill lexmark 100 ink cartridges

The lexmark 100 ink cartridges are a bit more hard to refill than others, and they’re available for sale in cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors.

We’ve been able to find many people on the Internet looking for a way of restoring these ink cartridges. Unfortunately for us, they cannot be refilled, since a chip has been installed in them that stops recognizing the ink cartridge completely after it runs out of ink for the first time. No matter how much ink you inject in it, the cartridge will continue to say it’s empty and it needs to be replaced with a new one.

These chips work the same as phone chips: if you don’t have any money or credit saved in it, the phone won’t work regardless of what you do. However, there’s another lexmark ink cartridge that can be refilled, and it’s called by the same name and number: the lexmark 100A and 100XL cartridges.

As a company, lexmark has created an ink cartridge return program that allows you to send your empty ink cartridges back to them, and get a new one for only $5. This is an appealing program for many lexmark cartridge users, but the lexmark 100A and the 100XL ones can’t be traded in using this system.

You will need to may about $5 more than usual in order to buy one and refill it without problems. This ink cartridge will keep warning you it’s low on ink after every time you refill it, but you know it’s not the case and you can continue to print regardless of this error message.

How to refill the HP 28 tricolor ink cartridges

The HP 28 tricolor ink cartridge is known for its high page yield, and the great photographic printing jobs. Also, it uses dyed inks. If you need to know more about the difference between pigmented and dyed inks, please read the following post.

This particular ink cartridge, as many other small HP ones, needs to be refilled very slowly in order to soak the sponges inside it with all the ink it needs.

The HP 28 tricolor ink cartridge is compatible with the following HP printer models: HP deskjet 3320, 3325, 3420 and 3425, HP deskjet 450 portable computer; HP PSC 2105, 2108, 2110 and 2115; and HP multifunction 2210 models. An original HP 28 tricolor ink cartridge yields up to 240 pages, while a refilled one prints up to 180.

Here’s the refilling procedure for HP 18 tricolor ink cartridges:

Before we start refilling this ink cartridge, please remember to work on a flat, easy-to-clean surface, and to place the actual cartridge on a dark piece of cloth that you won’t mind getting dirty with ink. The darker the cloth, the fewer ink spots and stains you can see.

How to reset HP 27 black ink cartridges

Most of the time after you’ve refilled your ink cartridges, your printer will tell you they’ve ran out of ink completely. Your printer is trying to tell you that ink cartridge isn’t working anymore, and that you need to replace the old HP 27 black one with a new one. This, of course, is related to the page counter program installed in our printers, a process we’re already familiar with.

However, this is a very common situation after having your ink cartridges refilled. This is why we’ve learned how to restore our ink cartridges back to their original factory settings, which solves this issue right away, keeps this message from appearing on screen and saves you having to buy a brand new ink cartridge.

This following procedure will teach you how to do this by just using duct tape. We’ve already done something similar to this on HP 60 black ink cartridges, which you can read about in the following post: how to reset hp 60 cartridge.

These are the steps you must follow to restore the HP 27:

Step #1:
First, remove the HP 27 black ink cartridge from your printer while it’s turned on and fully functional.

How to refill the HP 27 black ink cartridge

The HP 27 black ink cartridge is one of the best of the smaller models: its printing quality is closer to laser printing that regular one, and a single ink cartridge can yield up to 280 pages. Of course, refilling them will lower this amount, but only a little.

In all honesty, this is the only small ink cartridge that can hold as much ink as 15ml. Also , the HP 27 ink cartridge works with pigmented inks. If you wish to learn the basic differences between dyed and pigmented inks, please read this post.

As all other ink cartridges, the HP 27 black ink one needs to be refilled as slowly and as delicately as possible. This will help the cartridge’s inner sponge absorbs all the ink it needs and be filled up completely by it.

Refilling procedure for HP 27 black ink cartridges:

As usual when refilling an ink cartridge, we recommend you place it on a piece of black cloth that you can get dirty with ink, and then on a flat surface that you can get cleaned easily.

How to refill the HP 23 tricolor ink cartridge

Allegedly, this ink cartridge was made for casual, domestic use, but very few modern ink cartridges can take the 5ml of ink this one can, yielding up to 325 pages in total. This is a fairly large amount when it comes to domestic ink cartridges,

The fact that his ink cartridge isn’t in its prime makes it a bit more expensive than the most modern models, but you can still get good deals and reach the highest print quality standards. This is why we always recommend you keep your old ink cartridges around and well, since they’re the ones that will guarantee the best printing quality.

You will also need to know the appropriate kind of ink for refilling your ink cartridge. If you can’t buy the original, generic ink canon, lexmark and HP use on their cartridges, buy pigmented or dyed ones at your local printer shop. This particular one, however, uses dyed inks. In general, dyed inks can be found much more quickly than pigmented ones.

How to refill the HP 17 tricolor ink cartridge

By now, I’m sure you can imagine how many pages an ink cartridge that contains 8ml of ink per color can yield.

All of this is possible with the HP 17 tricolor ink cartridges. As all ink cartridges that are way past their primes, these can be a bit pricer than the modern modern models, but you can still get good deals and high printing quality from them.

This is why we recommend you take great care of all the ink cartridges, since they are the ones that will make your printer stand out. Please read the following post to learn why you you should keep your old printer around.

We always recommend you know exactly what kind of ink your cartridge uses. If you can’t find the generic ink HP, canon or lexmark use on them, please refer to dyed or pigmented inks depending on what you need. This HP 17 tricolor ink cartridge, for example, uses dyed inks, not pigmented ones. Dyed inks can be found much more easily than pigmented ones.

How to solve the 46 error code on Brother printers

Someday, you will turn your brother printer on and see the 46 error message appear on screen. This specific error can be a bit more costly than the others if you choose to contact brother’s tech support team, especially since this error tends to show up after we’ve surpassed our pre-established printing sum and voided our warranties.

The printer should be a bit old now, so you won’t be able to get any free repairs on it since it’s already been used for as long as the factory made it to last.

What causes the 46 error message on brother printers:

This particular error code shows up on brother printers whenever the waste ink absorber pad has filled up with ink.

Your brother printer’s support system will tell you to replace it and contact one of the members of this team to do it. For us Latin Americans, this can be very hard to find, and the cost in dollars will surely exceed the one in our local currency.

Therefore, we have to learn how to solve this problem on our own. This is why we’ve created this particular blog post and published it.

How to get rid of the 5B00 error message on canon printers

As we all know, error messages are very common in canon printers in general, and especially now that continuous ink systems are being installed in them all the time. These systems tend to push our printers to their very limits.

Installing a CISS on any printer makes it work much more than it was made to, since their ink cartridges produce way more pages that they were made to print. If your cartridges were made, for example, for printing 200 sheets, a CISS will make it excede this quantity.

Occasionally, continuous ink systems can cause small ink spills inside our printers, which can fill up the ink pads in it and create this error message. The 5B00 error code appears on our canon printers once the inkpad absorber has filled up with ink.

This post may look very similar to the one we have on full waste ink pads, but this one has all the proper solutions for the 5B00 error message on canon printers and has nothing to do with that last post.

What’s causing the problem:

As more and more ink spills take place on your ink cartridges, due to proper ink cartridge or continuous ink system installation, the 5B00 error message will be more likely to appear on your canon printer.

How to eradicate the 5110 error message on Canon printers

We’ve already come across another error message that looks a lot like this one, for which we created the following post: This former error message means something has blocked your ink cartridge carriage, and keeps it from moving from side to side.You’ll be able to find the solution for the latter on the blog post we linked to above.

Now, this is a completely different error message. While it’s still an obstruction, this time it’s the print head cleaners that are blocked by something.

When we talk about the print head cleaners:

We’re talking about the small piece that goes from the back of the printer to clean them. Please take a look at the following picture to locate them.
printhead and connectors
printhead and connectors
This is what we call the print head cleaner, which is located on the bottom of the ink cartridge. it may have another technical name, so please excuse us if this is the case.

This obstruction can be caused by pieces of paper, improper ink cartridge installation or foreign objects in your printer, causing the 5100 error code to show up on your canon printer.

Common error codes on canon pixma printers

Canon pixma printers have been chosen by printer experts all over Latin America due to their high quality and durability. The fact that continuous ink systems can be installed so easily on them has also helped them stand out from the rest.

Most of the time, these particular error messages will show up on our computer’s screen. Therefore, we’ve decided to create this list in order to put them all together, as well as offer some solutions for them. We will try to post as many of these quick fixes with more detail in other blog posts.

The following list contains the error code, its possible cause and a probable solution for it as well. If you need more help with any of these, please post a comment in the section below this post and we will get back to you.

Some of the most common error codes found on canon pixma printers:

E26: Your printer’s internal temperature is rising.
E27: The waste ink absorber pad is full.

How to solve the 6A00 error message on canon printers

Canon pixma printers are known to be one of the best domestic and small-business printers out there, due to their high printing quality and paper yield. This particular series has been given a warm welcome all over Latin America.

The 6A00 error message is not too common on canon printers, and we’ve done all we could in order to publish this solution for you. We’ve seen many people around the Internet looking to solve this error message, so here’s all the information you need to get it done.

Possible causes of this issue:

This error tends to appear on printers where the ink cartridge carriage is blocked by something, or when they haven’t been used for a long time. Leaving your printer unattended for an extended period of time will make all the greases and oils in it dry out, getting in the way of the normal ink flow in it.

Our solution for the 6A00 error code on canon pixma printers:

Step #1:
Turn your printer off and disconnect the power cable in it.

How to refill the HP 49 photographic ink cartridge

This particular HP Inkjet 49 tricolor ink cartridge was one of the first models made with built-in print heads, and is known for using dyed or water-based inks.

These ink cartridges are compatible with the following HP printer models: HP deskjet 350, 600, 610, 612, 615, 630, 632, 640, 642, 648, 656, 660, 670, 680, 682, 690, 691, 692, 693, 694 ,695 and 697; HP deskwriter 600, 660, 680 and 694; HP PSC 370 and 380; and HP officejet 500, 520, 570, 580, 590, 600, 610, 630, 635, 700, 710, 720 and 725 models. These accessories yield up to 400 pages.

Also, the HP 49 photographic ink cartridge is very easy to refill, and you will need very few tools to perform this tutorial and guarantee good printing quality.

Ink cartridge refill procedure:

Before refilling your ink cartridges please place them on a flat surface, over a black piece of cloth you don’t mind getting covered in ink. To refill these cartridges, you will need a knife that can carve small orifices into them.

How to find out which version of windows is running on my computer

Before we begin, let us clear something up: this blog is dedicated to solving printer, drivers, ink cartridge and toner cartridge issues. In order to solve these issues, you must know which exact version of your OS is installed on your computer.

This tutorial will show you how to identify your OS and its bit rate, and how to get a quick diagnosis of any problem that may appear on your computer.

In most cases, ink cartridge problems have very little or nothing to do with physical problems occurring on your printer, but then to be related to driver issues. This is why we sometimes recommend you uninstall and install your drivers back in your computer, since turning your printer off or moving a file from its original location can mess with your printer’s drivers.

If you need to download the drivers for your printer, and lack the original installation CD, please read the post found in this link. keep in mind you’ll also need to have all this basic information about your computer -OS and OS version- to install this printers, so please read the following instructions to get it done.

Procedure to find out the version of windows installed on a computer:

First of all, make sure your computer is on and fully functional. Here is a quick way for learning this information; some longer ones do exist, but this is the one we’re using. Click on the start menu to detect this particular OS version.

How to refill HP 15 black ink cartridges

HP 15 black ink cartridges have been used for a long time, especially during the first decade of the 2000’s. This was the best ink cartridge at the moment, and it’s still known for it’s high page yield and overall print quality.

These ink cartridges are compatible with the following printer models: HP deskjet 810, 812, 815, 825, 840, 841, 842, 843, 845, 920, 940, 950, 3810, 3816, 3820 and 3822 models;  HP officejet v30, v40 and v45 models;  HP PSC 500, ,720, 750, 760, 920 and 950 models; and the HP digital 310 photocopier.

These ink cartridges can be refilled very easily, so we consider them to be one of the best ink cartridges available in the market. These yield up to 500 printed pages, an amount only a few modern ink cartridges can surpass.

This cartridge’s internal structure is flawless: it has a paper sack that holds all the ink of the ink cartridge, and lacks the inner sponges that can cause us so many problems. The only reason this ink cartridge wouldn’t last for you a long time is if you leave them empty for a long time, or take too long to refill them. If this is your case, please read our posts called How to clean your ink cartridges and How to unclog ink cartridges in your own home.

How to refill HP 12 ink cartridges

HP 12 ink cartridges have been created for the HP business series. These products use dyed inks, yield up to 2,000 pages and are available in cyan, magenta and yellow colors.

These ink cartridges can be refilled easily, as all HP ink tank, removable print head ink cartridges are. Please stick to the procedure described in this post to avoid damaging your ink cartridges and future printing jobs.

We also recommend you read this information attentively and that you use dyed inks to refill your HP 10 ink cartridges. If you don’t know the difference between dyed and pigmented inks, please read our post “The differences between dyed and pigmented inks.”

You will need the following ingredients to get these ink cartridges refilled:
1. A different syringe for each ink color we’re using.
2. A piece of cloth, preferably black, and a flat, easy-to-clean surface you can put your ink cartridges on to avoid ink spills.

How to refill HP 10 ink cartridges

HP 10 ink cartridges are known for their high page yield on integrated print heads printers. Please keep in mind this kind of printer will tend to use pigmented inks instead of dyed ones. If you don0t know the differences between dyed and pigmented inks, please read our post The differences between dyed and pigmented inks.

Most of the time, these HP 10 ink cartridges are used on HP Designjet printers, and come in two different presentations: normal size, and extra-large size. We’ve worked very hard on these refill instructions and steps, so please pay attention to them and help yourself throughout this entire process by sticking to them.

Ingredients you’ll need to refill HP 10 ink cartridges:

1. First of all, grab a different syringe for every color.
2. A black piece of cloth and a flat surface to avoid ink spills.

How to refill HP 02 ink cartridges

Fortunately for us, HP 02 ink cartridges are very easy to refill in all their individual presentations: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. In order to do this, please follow the steps described ahead strictly and carefully, and keep your ink cartridges from all harm.

Even when these ink cartridges are easy to refill, we will take the same precautions we always take just to take care of our printer.

You will need the following ingredients to refill your HP 02 ink cartridges:

1. A syringe for every color.
2. Dyed or pigmented ink for the refill. For this particular cartridge, we recommend you buy dyed ink. If you don’t know what the differences between them are, please read our post The differences between dyed and pigmented inks.
3. A cloth to put the ink cartridge on. Please use a black cloth and place it on a flat, easy-to-clean surface to avoid ink spills.

How to refill HP 02 ink cartridges:

Step #1:
Place the ink cartridge over the flat surface and the piece of cloth we asked in the former list. This will make the refill process much easier and avoid ink spills from happening.

How to download drivers for lexmark printers

The brand lexmark has dedicated itself to manufacturing matriarchal, Inkjet and Laser printers since 1991. This company was founded by IBM, the largest computer manufacturer at the time.

Ever since then, lexmark has been known to make printers and printer accessories of the highest quality, which get the highest ratings among their users.

Their multifunction Inkjet, domestic use printers are their most popular model, and were the first printers made with wifi installation. If you’re interested in this topic, please read our post called How to install printers using a wifi network.

In order to deal with this installation process, you will need a couple of things:

1. You must know your lexmark printer model, which you can learn by reading the following post...
2. A working Internet connection wherever you want to download and install these drivers.

How to download the drivers for the lexmark X2350 printers

Lexmark printers are known for their great overall functioning and printing quality, as well as the low price on their ink cartridges.

Also, lexmark has created the Ink Cartridge return program, a system that allows the customer to send back empty lexmark ink cartridges back to the company ,and sends the client a new, remanufactured one at a discount price. Ink cartridges that have just been used once can take part in this system, and be reused or recycled by the company.

However, these ink cartridges cannot be refilled by anyone, since they become burned out as soon as they run out of ink.

Now, let’s deal with downloading the drivers for this printer:

In case you don’t have the original drivers CD that came with your printer, please read our post How to install printers when lacking the original drivers CD and stick to the procedure described in it. This particular post is very helpful, since it will tell you how to install drivers in your computer whenever you don’t have or lose your drivers’ CD.

Steps to download these drivers:

First of all, go to lexmark’s website and search it for the specific set of drivers this printer needs. You should be able to find them in the support or download areas. Don’t worry, it won’t ask any information other than the printer model. If you don’t know what it is and how to find it, please read the post in the following link.