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How to change ink cartridges in Epson printers

Changing an ink cartridge is a very normal thing to do, and is a basic maintenance procedure we should all know how to do on our printer.

However, removing and replacing the ink cartridges from an Epson printer can be a little tricky, so we’ve decided to write a post showing you how to do it. All the informaiton in this entry is important, so don’t leave anything out when performing this particular task.

For this, we will only need our printer, the ink cartridges that need to be replaced, and the ones we’re replacing them with.

How to replace the ink cartridges in your Epson printer:

Step #1:
Unless your prints are very blurry or poorly done, you must wait for your Epson ink cartridges to be completely out of ink. Please clean your ink cartridges and print heads to confirm you need to replace the cartridges.
If you already cleaned both accessories and the printing problem persists, you will need to replace the ink cartridges completely. If you’ve only ran out of ink, them you can change them without spending or damaging any paper sheets.
ink light lit
ink light lit
Step #2:
You can now remove the empty ink cartridge(s) from your printer by opening the cartridge gate on your printer. Sometimes, you can’t do this straight away just by opening the printer, and you could need to press a particular button to make the printer understand you want to take the cartridges out.

You can find this key on your printer’s control panel, located in the printers and faxes category in your computer’s control panel. Right-click on the printers and faxes logo and select printer properties. Then, click on Ink cartridge replacement.

Step #3:
Press the Ink Cartridge replacement button or click on the Printer control panel option we described in the last step. This will make the ink cartridges easy to remove and get them in their proper changing position.

Step #4:
You can now replace the ink cartridges, or refill the one that has been used up. You can either give them to someone who does this for a living, or do it yourself by searching our blog for an ink cartridge refill procedure compatible with your ink cartridge. You could also buy a new ink cartridge and install it in the printer, the decision is entirely up to you.

If you choose to refill your ink cartridges but don’t know how to do it, please contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post and we will find the proper procedure for you.

Step #5:
After you’ve refilled or replaced the ink cartridge entirely, set it back in the printer. You will only need to put it back exactly as it was before you removed it from the printing device, which can be very easy if you have the printer’s user manual with you. Remember not all ink cartridges are installed in the same way or position.

Step #6:
Press the Ink Cartridge Replacement button or click on the option once more to make the printer understand this has been done, and close the ink cartridge gate.

  1. If the ink cartridge you buy is wrapped in a yellow ribbon, please remove it completely so the ink cartridge can have the get the amount air it needs for printing.
  2. If an error message appears on your computer after installing a refilled ink cartridge in it, it could have been refilled incorrectly or you could need to replace the chip on your cartridge. In all honesty, most Epson chips need to be replaced after this is done.
  3. If you have any questions related to this post, please leave a comment in the section below and we will get back to you.


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