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How to check the ink levels in your printer

This tool has become extremely important in current times, since we can know when our ink cartridges are about to run out. Keep in mind this only works on original ink cartridges, so only those who buy new cartridges directly from the printer’s brand company will be able to tell when this time is coming close.

How do ink level monitors work?

Ink level monitors are a small program that’s installed with your printer drivers. They’re not attached to the ink cartridges themselves, which are entirely replaceable, but come with the drivers.

This system keeps track of the exact amount og pages that have been printed with a particular ink cartridge. For example, an ink cartridge could have been manufactured to print 200 pages, so it will only be allowed to print this amount.

If you install another ink cartridge on your printer and it happens to have a different page yield than the one that came before, your printer will recognize it and start a new page counting cycle.

Procedure for reviewing the ink levels in a printer:

Step #1:
First and foremost, install the proper set of drivers for  your printer. If you’ve used the driver installation CD that came along with your printer, you may have installed the complete set of drivers instead of the basic package.

This is something the program will ask you to decide when installing the drivers on your computer, you can choose between the basic or full set of drivers.
Here’s a picture of how the driver files should look like in the original brand’s website.
know how much ink the printer has
know how much ink the printer has
As you can see, the first set of drivers is the basic one, and the second one is the full version that includes advanced functions and many different add-ons. If you’re using original, brand new ink cartridges, we recommend you instal the second set of drivers.

Step #2:
Once you have the full set of printer drivers at hand, whether from the original CD or the brand’s website, go to the start menu on your computer and then click on control panel or configurations.
see print devices
see print devices
Step #3:
You must know locate the printer whose ink levels you want to check at the moment. Once you’ve found it, right-click on it and select the printing preferences option on the menu.
go to printer properties
go to printer properties
Step #4:
next, select the services widget on the upper side of the displayed window, and then click on the system review option in the top of the new window.

Step #5:
Look for an option that will let you see the current ink levels in your cartridges. You will now see a graph representing your cartridges’ ink levels. This estimate isn’t entirely accurate, but it can certainly be of help.

If you happen to refill your ink cartridges, you will not be able to obtain this estimate. In this case, we recommend you download and install a page counter program we will now show you.

These tools will help you find out when your ink cartridges are running low in ink. If you need any additional help with this post, don’t hesitate in leaving a comment in the section below. We will gladly take care for you and give you another possible solution to your problem.


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