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How to connect to computers to a single printer

When we connect a printer to our computer using a USB cable, we can let multiple computers connect to the same printing device. This will save us having a buy a new printer and, for logical reasons, a bit of space.

This is a very important tool for offices, small businesses and companies in general, since sharing a printer is much easier than having a bunch of them. In order to perform this configuration, please follow the steps described ahead.

This post has been made only for windows OS, including the windowsXP, windows vista and windows7 versions.
how it works wireless network
how it works wireless network

Procedure to install a printer on two different computers:

Step #1:
Once the printer’s on, connect it to the computer using a USB cable. You can find this cable in most computer stores: just ask for a printer USB cable.
Most printers use USB cables, and modern and domestic printers tend to use the exact same one. Here’s a picture of the type of cable you’ll need and where to connect it.
printer connected to USB cable
printer connected to USB cable
Step #2:
Go to the start menu on your printer and click on printers and faxes. If you’re using windowsXP on your computer, or if you’re with any windows version after windows vista, you can click on printing devices.

Step #3:
Right-click on the printer you wish to share on both printers, and select printer properties.

Step #4: 
Click on the share option located on the top of the window displayed on your computer screen.

Step #5:
Click on share this printer and put a name on it; it will appear on the network We recommend you leave the same default name the printer came with, though some characters won’t be compatible with this specific step. You can now click on accept and save configuration.

Step #6:
Go to your second computer and click on control panel and look for the printers and faxes option again, If you’re using windowsXP or windows7, click on printing devices.

Step #7:
Please click on the add printer option and select the “printer on a network or connected to another computer” option from the menu. Now, click on next to continue to configuration process.

Step #8:
Look for the printer’s name on the network, the one you created in step #5, add the printer to this computer and click on continue. Once it’s been added, we recommend you print a test sheet to make sure everything’s working properly.

Unfortunately, something could still go wrong even if you follow these steps to the letter. If things don’t work out for you, just post a comment in the section below this post and we will gladly help you out. You can also read this post to learn how to contact us via blog comments.


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