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How to fix the 6a00 error message in canon ip4300 printers

Canon printers are very compact in general, and their manufacturers tend to include several functions that turn out to be very convenient. Unfortunately, some of these modern developments end up causing errors in our printers, usually related to the ink injection process.

This particular malfunction usually show up on canon ip 4300 printers and is caused by the 6a00 error, which tells us the print head clear may have become stuck.

However, nothing related to this problem appears on our computer. The error message is still there, but we can’t really tell what’s causing it. Looking all over the internet, we’ve come across a possible solution for this problem.

Please remember you can contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post if you have any problems with this procedure. We will gladly look for another solution for your problem.

The following procedure will eradicate the 6a00 error code from your canon ip4300 printers

You’ll be able to reach a solution for this problem with the help of the following image and the information we’ve supplied earlier.
parts that need to be moved
parts that need to be moved
You will need to move the part identified in the picture, and you may have to do it roughly in order to get rid of any obstacles that may be jamming it. Your printer should be working fine after this. If it doesn’t, post a comment in the section below this post.

You may be interested in the drivers for this printer. Please click here to download them.
Also, you may need to download the canon ip4300 printer manual. Click here to get this manual in Spanish.


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