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How to install a printer on windows8 OS

Windows keep improving the interface on the operating systems, and windows8 is not the exception; this last-generation OS makes things even easier for us. If you’ve already installed a printer on some other OS and want to do it on this one instead, please pay attention the following procedure.
windows 8 logo
windows 8 logo
Please remember you can count on us if this procedure doesn’t work out for you. You must only post a comment in the section below this post and we will get back to you with another possible solution.

First of all, let us clear something out: you can install your printer on windows8 by using windows7 printer drivers with compatibility mode.

You can achieve this by clicking on the set of drivers, selecting compatibility options, and then marking the compatibility mode square. In principle, these aren’t compatible with this OS version, but you can still make them work.

If you still can’t find the drivers for your printer model, we recommend you follow the steps in the installation procedure ahead. this installation method will set up a local printer on your computer, attached to it by a USB cable. This particular method can be very helpful, since it will keep update our printers as the same time we update our computers’ database. 
You could also read up on how to install a computer on windows and stick to this methogs, which is what we recommend. If want to create a wireless printing network, read our post How to install printers using a wifi network.

Procedure to install a printer on windows 8 OS:

Please keep in mind you must leave your printer and computer on throughout the entire installation process. The must both be on and fully functional. We also recommend you read your printer’s user manual, since manufacturers tend to include important information about installing the printer on different operating systems.

Step #1:
Go all the way to your computer’s toolbar, located on the lower- side of your windows 8 desktop.

Step #2:
Access the start menu on your computer and click on control panel.

Step #3:
As usual, click on printers and faxes or printing devices, the same tools you have to click on former windows versions.

Step #4:
Now, click on advanced options.

Step #5:
Open printing configurations and click on next.

Step #6:
You can now click on the Add Local or Wireless Printer option, while having the installation manual at hand. Click on next until you reach a listing that contains printer data. Please select your own printer’s brand and model from the lists to continue with this installation process.

Step #7:
Then, select the printer of your choosing. The list will include multiple printer brands, series and models, so please locate yours. If you can’t find it on here, update your drivers.

If your printer still doesn’t show up, please go to the printer’s brand website and look for the set of drivers that is compatible with your printer and OS. These websites usually have all these files available for download, which you can later modify according to your own needs.


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